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OCR new A2 GO64 project

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by ictgoodpractice, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Does anyone have and exemplar pieces of coursework for the above is the old OCR project similar. I am a little concerned that I have no resources to show pupils. Any help hugely appreciated.
  2. johncollinswork

    johncollinswork New commenter

  3. Superb, thank you very much?
  4. Hi Did you purchase and is it as good as suggested. I am a new NQT and need help in delivering this as my school has lost all ict teachers and i've been left with task
  5. Ooops for you! I've been delivering this for 10 years now - under it's old format and now the new. You've certainly got your work cut out for you here.
    I get them all to do the project using a spreadsheet as I find it a lot easier for them to tweak after designs without having to go back to the foundations. The whole of the G064 project focuses more on development approaches to a new system and the life cycle rather than the actual solution itself. The project can grow into a bit of a beast (Ive had 400 pagers) and I use little checklists explaining each part of the life cycle to them which they love using.
    If the OP or you want any help pm me.
  6. BTW - you do know that the op was posted 2 years ago?

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