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OCR Nationals Unit 2 Multimedia ( old spec) Question

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by spiderq, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Just getting this unit ready with Yr 11 for final moderation and don't want any slip-ups as its the first time. Can anyone tell me what the requirements are for AO4 and the animations for Merit /Distinction please?
    I have some students who have made their own in Flash, others who have used animated GIFs - are both equally acceptable providing the rest of the presentation covers all the other aspects?
  2. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    AFAIK Unit 2 is the website design, unit 4 is multimedia. Which one are we on about here?
  3. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    OOps oh yes I thought when you said flash you meant graphics going mad and loosing the plot!
  4. My mistake- its been a long term! I mean the Unit 4 Multimedia ( old spec). It's my first moderation of this and ( due to timescale) can't afford any mistakes!! Many students have used "triggers" to make menus appear and added animation to make images fly in etc. I would like some advice from those who have already had this moderated as to whether animated gifs are equally as acceptable as an animation as a Flash animation for Merit/Distinction. I tried asking this on the OCR forum but no reply as yet. Any advice would be welcome.
  5. Can anyone who has had Unit 4 moderated ( or is a moderator) give me some advice please?
  6. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    We have used animated GIF and custom animation in the powerpoint and it seemed fine on moderation.
  7. Thanks!
  8. we have moderators in the school, we use image transition, picture transition and one animated file like a gif. Animations need a before and after as evidence. The animated file needs sourcing for AO
    3 and needs to be on the page plan for AO2. The slide transition and image image transition need to be specified on the hosuestyle in AO2.
  9. Thanks for the info- by image transition do you mean any type of animation of an image? Several students have used "web style" drop-down menus which are triggered by clicking on a button. Do I really need before/after evidence? Surely this can be proved by running the PPT?
  10. Thanks- that's great- just what I needed to know.

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