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ocr nationals unit 2 help please!

Discussion in 'Science' started by HezWad, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. anyone???? is no one teaching nationsl????? please help !
  2. The important thing with unit 2 is that the 2 materials that they make have to be tested to see if they are fit for purpose. This means they should have a purpose.

    I had my class making copper from copper carbonate (you can get yield calculations for this)and then turning it into copper wire by electroplating some thinner "pure" copper wire. The purpose being that it would be used for electrical wiring. The test done on it were therefore resistance, flexibility, and tensile strength. The results of which are then compared to the results done with some standard copper wire we had in the department.

    We also made recycled paper flower pots. Did tests for how much soil they could how, weight needed to squash them and how long they lasted in water before they broke apart. These were then compared to some peat flower pots I got from the local B&Q.

    The above will cover AO 3 and 5 with a bit more discussion needed. AO1 is fairly easy, but long. Get them to find from text books what an atom has inside it, research some elements from visual elements or web-elements, use a text book to explain the differences between different types of particle ie molecules, atoms etc, use text books to find out about different types of bonding, and again use text books to find out about different mixtures (applied science books are good for this).

    AO2 I simply gave them a list of materials and they had to same what they are used for and what properties they have that make them good at that job.

    I have managed to get every student I have put forward for unit 2 through moderation. But if you are in doubt contact you moderator and send them copies of work. Our moderator was very helpful with this and told us exactly what they wanted to see.

    Hope this is of help.
  3. I would also add that you should try and use the Assessment objective statments rather than the model assignment tasks
  4. I tried the electroplating practical and the copper plating fell off the wire as soon as I took it out of the electrolyte. Any ideas how to make the plating stick?

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