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OCR Nationals Level 3 - Unit 1 A02

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by benrothwell, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Anyone done this AO yet for the Level 3? Its the one thing in Unit 1 that I am finding frustratingly difficult to teach, and the materials that I have seen (and the OCR book) dont make sense to me.

    Anyone got any ideas to teach this AO well.
  2. jweb2k

    jweb2k New commenter

    I've seen your post on the official OCR forums about this too. Nicki's resources are a good start: http://www.interactiveclassroom.net/OCRNatL3.html and should explain in more detail for your students what they've got to write about. It's easier to think of examples for businesses under each of her subheadings than it is just "Medium" or "Purpose".

    I also agree the wording in the mark scheme isn't brilliant and open to different interpretations. I've got my students to cover all of the KUS bits (all 8 or so) and provide descriptions, examples of communications businesses would use for each including some screenshots of these examples. It's relatively detailed and covers what I feel the criteria is asking for...
  3. Any chance you could send me a copy or some work for this Unit? if you have it electronically?!

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