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OCR Nationals Level 3 - Need help

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by linstes, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Hi- after very successful years delivering Level 2 OCR we decided to change to level 3 at KS5 also- prev taught AQA Applied ICT- which was ok, but we were getting alittle frustrated with lack of choice in unit topics. After doing loads of prep - courses and looking at past exemplar work etc we decided level 3 would be good- we are in just coming to the end of the year 2 course with our year 13s.
    Grades awarded at Pass, Merit and Distinction as at Level 2, BUT the big difference is the pass = E, Merit = C and Dinstinction= A equivalent A level grades. We have found this quite frustrating esp for those studnets who in the past would have been B grade candidates.
    The P1, P2, P3 that you mention sounds like applying to the actual task levels within model assignents. eg: Unit 1 has 7 Assessment Objectives (A0s), but they they also have several items within each AO, so P1, P2,, P3 have to be passed to get the Pass, M1, M2 M3, M4 for teh emrit etc....
    Its a HUGE leap up to the A grade and don't be fooled into secuirty by the exemplar work, despite training courses that just use exemplar work for standardisation our external moderator told us he does not look at exemplar and we shouldn't either- we should only refer on the marking grid- which unfortunatley is not as clear cut as in level 2- where its more of a tickable list. In Unit 14 Animation -Trying to judge what makes a pass (simple animation), merit (good animation) and distinction (excellent animation) for A05 is beyond me. My colleague and I have been very disillusioned by the course or perhaps the strictest of the moderator. Lots of marking for little reward. Seems impossible sometimes for students to get the distinction, which is disappointing when compaed to AQA Applied ICT where we were getting quite a few A grades. .
  2. The P1, P2, P3 etc are the grade reported to UCAS, it is calculated from how many OCR points the candidate got overall. see UCAS tariff document at http://www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications/type/nationals/ict/l3/documents/

    You get 1 point for a unit at a pass, 2 for merit and 3 for distinction.

    So for example the 12 unit Diploma:
    12 passes = 12 points = P3 = 80 UCAS points
    6 passes + 6 merits = 18 points = P1 = 160 UCAS points
    It means that candidates with a higher pass/merit/distinction than others will get higher UCAS points. The certificate will still just say P/M/D but the grade reported to UCAS will be P1 etc

  3. Wonderful advice - Thank you.

    Do you deliver this course?
  4. No but was thinking of it before the changes were announced, will wait until the details of the replacement before making any changes. (Cambridge TEC? according to website)

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