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OCR Nationals ICT Level 2 Moderation Problem/Question

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by MichaelDWills, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    First post on here! My school have been moderated today, and although everyone agreed on the grades awarded this year, our moderator was quite clear about what we should present next year (of which I will be head of dept) so I need to get this right!

    Regarding Unit for for example:

    I understand that PPPMMM would be a Pass overall, unless the student has completed a lot of the Merit criteria etc and then they could be awarded a Merit overall. So, to be on the safe side, I would like to say that you can only get a Merit overall from say MMMMPP.

    However, what happens for example if the student gets DDPPPP or DMMPPP. If going on a points system these 2 marks would equal the same as MMMMPP so I am not sure now what these would equal?

    Pass or Merit?

  2. gavcradd

    gavcradd New commenter

    I'd give Merit for both of the examples you gave. It's wrong however to say that MMMPPP is always Pass - it doesn't work on a points system, it's "best fit". If a MMMPPP student has Merits that are close to Distinction and Passes that are close to Merits then I'd give Merit.

    When we're moderated, I always write explanations on the borderline students that are selected to explain my decision and I've never had a problem.

    Good luck with the HOD role by the way!
  3. Many thanks for the reply, I have actually just read several of your replies on similar matters.

    My plan was to play it safe and say to my students that the only way you can get a merit for example is to get MMMMPP, then there is no debate with the moderator on if its Pass or Merit.

    Now to me and the other joint head of dept for next year, a DDPPPP or DMMPPP is a clear Merit. They way I see it as these two grades are the same as a MMMMPP. Instead of doing 2 extra pieces of work to get 2 more merits they have done 2 extra pieces of work to get distinctions instead.

    However, I am worried that the moderator who will be the same next year will disagree.

    We have a spreadsheet which works out the grade for us and would really like to continue using this instead of basing it on our judgement!

  4. gavcradd

    gavcradd New commenter

    Don't forget that the moderator isn't just there for the visits, they can help out via email at other times. Have you asked him exactly what you've posted on here? Perhaps send him a link and ask for his opinion?

    Or play it safe - in my experience there aren't many students who have grades like DMMPPP, most of mine either get DDDDDD or PPPPPP.
  5. Yup gavcradd....I'm from the old school of "they've got to complete all the D work to get a Distinction", but I do employ best fit towards the end of the course as necessary...
  6. the main problem is with our current year 10 students who have started the course and have been told that they have merit or distinction for unit 1 when really they have not. We now have to tell these students that there grade has been lowered unfortunately.

    I am going to try and call or email our moderator to see what his views on a DDPPPP would be. However it does not help that we are getting told different things by the moderator then the OCR Nationals training course.

    With our current year 9's we might have to employ a new method where they have to get Merits in every AO to get a Merit overall.

    When I was first introduced to the nationals I was surprised that this was not the case!
  7. JM6699

    JM6699 New commenter

    This can be the problem when spreadsheets and the like are used to work out grades. gavcrad talks a lot of sense: DDPPPP could be a Pass, it could be a Merit, it just depends on the overall quality of the work, i.e. if the four P grades are only just Ps then P might be the most appropriate unit grade, if they're clear Ps getting towards Ms then Merit may be best. There's no set formula.
    In my experience, as long as the grade awarded can be justufued then it will be accepted by the moderator. It is always worth using the notes section of the assessment sheet to explain any award that might not be totally clear.
  8. Hi, thanks for the reply

    I think we have decided that we are going to play it safe and say that you have to get MMMMPP minimum to get a merit and DDDDPP minimum to get a distinction. Then we can easily say the majority is merit or distinction.

    Only down side to this is we have to tell our current year 10's that have merits that they are passes and if they have a distinction, they now have a merit or even a pass!
  9. We go with PPDDDD - as in pushing for D in the A0s that require students to create presentations, documents, spreadsheets and databases.
  10. JM6699

    JM6699 New commenter

    Just out of interest, Would it not be better to channel students to work get DDMMMM rather than DDDDPP? I can see a situation, depending on which AOs are Ps, that DDDDPP could be a Merit. Obviously DDDDMM would most likely be a Distinction, but I would have thought leaving 2 AOs at P is a risky game to play if you're claiming a Distinction for the unit.
  11. It also goes back to the (heavily disputed) argument that some AOs are worth more than others, e.g. AO4 is harder to achieve a Distinction on than AO6. AO5 harder than AO3 etc etc....
  12. JM6699

    JM6699 New commenter

    Sorry, bad choice of phrase. It should have been something along the lines of "depending on the qualiy of the AOs graded as P".
  13. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    Both our moderators have said to look at the entireity of work, however our new mod is pushing more to consider design / review as seperate and would jump all over us if a PPDDDD was put through as Distiniction.
    Our HoD had to battle like holy hell for 4 hours with the mod, arguing every single point. We had to downgrade D to M in the new unit we presented (fair enough), and were threatened with failure as a centre, before they passed our marking. So in the end forget whatever OCR says, its down to the individual mods as to what they will allow!
  14. robot1

    robot1 New commenter

    My experience suggests leaving nothing to chance. If we have any marginal cases we always now choose the lower grade. So PPPMMM will always be a P. PPDDDD will always be an M.
    The reason for this policy is that I do not want to be in a position of having to argue with the moderator again. I had to do this when we awarded a M to a student with PPPMMM. Our reasoning was (and it was noted on the mark sheet) that two of the M's were nearly D's and one of the P's was nearly an M. Our moderator just wasn't having it and then introduced the undocumented concept of some AOs being harder than the others. Our M's came from the easy AO's according to him.
    In all honesty its not that big a deal. If a PPPMMM student really wants a M than they have to pull their finger out and do a bit more work a make one of the P's into an M. If they pick an easy one to work on, it is usually not too much work. We have a number of students who have PPPMMM and by doing an extra 10 mins of work can make AO6 into a D. Then they become a PPPMMD which is a clear M with no arguments.
  15. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    DDDDPP is a merit. End of.
  16. Why not make a note on your marksheet of how well the pupil has achieved a grade for each AO. So we give pupils low (-), secure or high (+) depending on how much/little of the criteria they have met! So my marksheet would read: P P+ M- P+ M+ M+ so this would help me decide that the overal grade would be a merit! Anyway this is the system we use and it usually motivates some of the pupil to improve their work as they don't like seeing the minus sign. I hope this helps!
  17. My 2penneth...It depends a bit on the unit. If it was the video unit and the video was clearly distinction level, then for me if you were on the "edge" of distinction/merit, I'd give it distinction as this is what the unit is about.
  18. robot1

    robot1 New commenter

    Using (+) and (-) is a great idea, thanks Peacock. I will still play safe with my overall marks but I am sure this will be a good motivator for the students as they can see where a bit more work will help them get the next grade up.

  19. What I do (and yes, I know this isn't an holistic approach) is award 1 pt for P, 2 for M and 3 for D. Add all the points up and then give a grade based on the average (mean). 1-1.4 Pass, 1.4-2.4 Merit, 2.4-3 Distinction. Its near as dammit spot on for me.
  20. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Wow someone should have taken my bet, I asked our moderator what they would award it and they said distinction too. Oh well off to eat my dinner of humble pie and learn to email the right people before posting on here. Still learnt something for the future so I am actually grateful for being proved wrong as it means I can go remark some unit 2 projects that had 4 distinction grades out of 7 that I knocked back to merit as a couple of the AOs were passes...

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