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Discussion in 'Business studies' started by brooks_am, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. brooks_am

    brooks_am New commenter


    Does any one have any resources they are willing to share for this unit? (I have resources for other units that i would be willing to share)
    I am currently teaching this unit for the first time and would find an exemplar piece of coursework really useful to make sure that I am meeting the OA's.

    Cheers for any help
  2. I would too if anyone has one. BTW brooks_am, I have done units 1 & 4 so far, what have you done? Maybe we could swap some stuff or something?
  3. brooks_am

    brooks_am New commenter

    So far I have used the model assignments for Unit 1 and 4, with some changes. I have some distinction pieces that the student have completed for Unit 1 and have been passed by the moderator. Unit 4 will be moderated in a few weeks. I am using Alton Towers for Unit 7, but would find it really handy to see an example piece. If you want to swap any ideas or resources let me know.
  4. Hi,

    I have only just started teaching the nationals and am moving on to Unit 7. I have been searching the resources and forums and theres nothing, was just wondering if you had any exemplar materials?

  5. hi
    ive taught unit 7 a while ago I can look out my resources if you like
    i also teach 1,11 and i think its 4
    email me if you need any help e.gregory@paget.staffs.sch.uk


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