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OCR Maths Unit B (A502/02) January 2012

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by anon605, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone,

    It's the exam that reduced most of its candidates to tears! Anybody else's class struggled with the exam? Personally I was shocked at the sheer lack of content on the paper( No circle theorems, power or indices, surds & standard simultaneous equations) Did your class struggle?

    Does anybody have the paper that they could send me, my class have requested that I go through it to answer some of their queries before there results in March, my knowledge of the interchange and how to operate it is diabolical, if anyone has it please inbox me and i'll give you my email, it'd be much appreciated.

    Thanks peeps,
    Chris :)
  2. DM

    DM New commenter

    Let me get this right. Your students were crying because the exam was too easy for them? How were you shocked by the lack of content when you have yet to see a paper? Why can't you spell their or type a password into a website or even collect an unused paper from your exams office? These are the questions us peeps are asking.
  3. Yes we had numerous students in tears after this paper- it was nothing like any of the past papers which have always had around 10 marks on surds, indices and circle theorems, none of which was on this paper.
    My students generally felt their revision was for nothing as they focused on key areas they expected to be their based on previous sittings and yet none of it was there!
    Lets guess thats going to be in the June paper, circle theorems, surds and indices!
  4. Most of our students were exactly the same, most of which were devastated that they had spent countless hours revising on like you said the key areas for nothing. I'm shocked at how OCR have made the paper so different to the past Unit B exams. Most of our students have told me they are relying on what they hope are low gade boundaries to achieve there target grades.

    Olly :)

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