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OCR Living Texts, level 1 and 2. Is anyone doing this?

Discussion in 'English' started by fluffykat_9, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Is anyone doing this with their pupils? We are thinking of launching this after Christmas with our year 9's, because it looks like a good link with GCSE and will replace SATs and APP.

    I would love to hear from anyone who started teaching this from September and what they think about it so far? What do the pupils/staff think about it?

  2. Shared the spec with the rest of my faculty on Friday, we all really want to start it after Christmas. However, my intial impressions of OCR are not encouraging, as I e-mailed them, early last week to clarify a few points and they haven't got back to me yet! Is this the sign of things to come?

    Does anyone know if the texts listed are set in stone? Only asking, as our year 9s have either done Richard III or The tempest this term, not macbeth or Romeo and Juliet. We would be able to uitilise their learning and complete some of the units if they were able to use the texts they have studied, if not, then we wouldn't be able to launnch this year as there would not be enough time to shoe-horn everything in.

    Also, how much does it cost for each entry? Stupid questions I know, but had e-mailed OCR for the answers.

    Howdy, who are you planning on doing it with? I hope that were not being over-ambitious with our plans with year 9. It would be interesting to hear from anyone else who plans it doing it with year 9, as it does state in the spec that it is a suitable replacement for SATs.
  3. We are considering doing a 'dummy run' next year with a top set Year 9 group. I'm really enthused by the spec but it is rather a leap into the unknown! I would be really interested in any feedback you have from January.
    If I've read the spec correctly, it does seem that centres can choose any texts that fall within the categories so your Year 9's could complete an assessment on the Shakespeare text they have already studied.
  4. Fluffykat, iirc it costs £28 per pupil in total. All of the texts are suggested. I have kicked off with The Wasp Factory for analytical and then they have a free choice. Several are doing films, quite a few poetry (inc Thomas Hardy and Spike Milligan!) and some Shakespeare. I have emailed the board with any choices I think might not be OK; they have been getting back to me very quickly. For the recreative we will be doing Inspector Calls (not a text usually done in my school) then we will look at Billy Bragg, A Modest Proposal and Benjamin Zephaniah's take on 'If' before they choose again themselves - I'm hoping to push them towards speeches etc for this task. For the comparative I have not thought at all how I will do it. Again, the idea is that this will be a free choice, but I will give some guidance - that won't be till nearly easter though, so I'll worry about that later!
  5. BTW I am doing it with year 11s who entered GCSE early, so a different scenario, but it is really great to have all that freedom.
  6. Figgins, which year group are you doing the spec with?
  7. Sorry, ignore previous question!
  8. howdy

    howdy New commenter

    I was thinking about Y9, like yourself but instead because my groups only have 2 hours of English maximum a week and then there's work placements etc it'll be run all the way through KS4. Then those that by the time they reach Y11 have met the requirement of the writing etc will get entered. Not sure yet.
  9. Hello,
    I'm the Qualifications Manager for Living Texts at OCR.
    We're just completing our first year with Living Texts and it has proven very popular and innovative so far, with schools submitting some really interesting work.
    We're going to be producing some exemplar folders at the end of the session. These will be available on the OCR website here: http://www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications/type/ogq/english/lt_l_1_2_cert/documents/
    You can also email us directly with any queries you have about the qualification. The email address is: living.texts@ocr.org.uk
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  10. howdy

    howdy New commenter

    Forgot all about this thread! So sorry!! I ran it with one Y11 student this year (small school) and am currently beginning it with a Y9 group.

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