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OCR Listening paper

Discussion in 'Music' started by asdmumandteacher, May 17, 2011.

  1. Looked at the paper and thought..yeah ok...questions look reasonable and then listened to CD and thought...difficult...Am not going to mention any specific questions as worried in case some pupils have not sat it today...felt some questions asked for answers that were vague.
  2. Blimey were mine the only lot to sit this?...hated the question (although one mark only) about the vocal line in last question...what exactly did they mean? also thought the aural dictation was mean (both parts of it) and the triplet question was wierd because of its presentation.
  3. Think we shoul complain about the triplet question - totally agree. Also - when did we ever write the word rit ABOVE the stave - how confusing, wrong and unfair. Some true musicians would write underneath where it should be
  4. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    Tempo directions, including "rit" are always written above the stave.
  5. Florian hun I am sure there is a more tactful way of writing that! Yes sheenabeena I had a few more issues with the last question as well - the underline question...three music teachers sat and did it with me and we couldn't decide what they were getting at - 3 of the four were obvious but the last one?!!!!
  6. Ok - admitted - brain freeze has set in. Just testing to make sure Florian was awake there.
    Well ok - she may have a point - I can take being wrong - I'm a big girl now. However.........still didn't like some of the questions.
    When's the next holiday??

  7. natalieaa

    natalieaa New commenter

    Agree about the triplet thing, that was confusing for the students I think and those who did spot the bar probably thought it was a trick!
    Don't know what they were looking for in the vocal line question?!
    On the other hand, there were really easy multiple choice questions!
  8. natalieaa

    natalieaa New commenter

    No, I agree that one was a bit odd for the 4th option, but other ones asking what would you call this type of song etc...

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