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OCR linear J512 Monday/Friday; thoughts and predictions

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by mathspete79, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Here's the breakdown from Monday's non-calc papers:

    Q1 – naming shapes
    Q2 – tally, frequency
    Q3 – arithmetic
    Q4 – f,d,p
    Q5 - odd and even
    Q6 – word formula, time in hours and minutes
    Q7 – net of box, percentage, multiply decimal
    Q8 – median, mean
    Q9 – powers, primes
    Q10 – interpret timetable
    Q11 – interior and exterior angles in triangle
    Q12 – stem and leaf
    Q13 – equations, simplify expression (using index)
    Q14 – bearings and distances
    Q15 – travel graph
    Q16 – equations
    Q17 – percentages
    Q18 – area of triangle and Pythagoras
    Q19 – loci
    <u>Paper 3 (H) </u> Q1 &ndash; mutually exclusive P sums to 1, expected freq, P of either/or
    Q2 &ndash; travel graph (as FQ15)
    Q3 &ndash; rotation, translation, reflection
    Q4 &ndash; equations (as FQ16)
    Q5 &ndash; percentages (as FQ17)
    Q6 &ndash; area of triangle and Pythagoras (as FQ18)
    Q7 &ndash; loci (as FQ19)
    Q8 &ndash; write and manipulate expressions, solve equation
    Q9 &ndash; round and estimate, multiply mixed nos
    Q10 &ndash; laws of indices for integer powers
    Q11 &ndash; use y = mx+c
    Q12 &ndash; linear sim eqns
    Q13 &ndash; simplify surds
    Q14 &ndash; expand and simplify, factorise, factor and solve
    Q15 &ndash; cmltv freq, histogram
    Q16 &ndash; bounds
    Q17 &ndash; Prob two events w/o replacement
    Q18 &ndash; vectors graphically

    What did anyone else think? I would use the words 'gentle' and 'straightforward'. Any predictions for Friday?

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