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OCR ICT Nationals Moderation Last Minute Requests

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by SANGER_A2, May 16, 2011.

  1. Just a quick question of what a moderator can reasonably expect based on suddenly requesting last-minute changes to work that he did not mention before.

    We've been doing ICT OCR Nationals level 2 for a few years and each year unit 4 has been moderated by the external moderator and he's been pretty happy except for one or two minor things that we have introduced the next year when doing it. Basically we felt we had perfected the teaching of unit 4 and we were doing it right. Our current year 11s did unit 4 in year 9 (two years ago) and we assumed those units were fine as the moderator had no issue with identical work in the other years.

    Recently, in a visit a few weeks ago the moderator suddenly decided that for a merit the students had to CREATE their own animated images and for a distinction they had to film their own video clips. We have never done this before and there is no possible time to sort this out for all of them as they are currently rushing to finish unit 1 & 7 - never mind work we thought was fine two years ago and also now the exams have started we aren't even going to see all of them again!

    When the HOD emailed the moderator to point out how unfair and inconsistent this behaviour was (in much more diplomatic language than that) the moderation replied (rudely IMO):-
    "In answer to your other query - once students have been moderated, they would have to be re-entered (at cost) in an attempt to improve their grades. No backward consideration is possible and I will be moderating against current criteria. You know what I expect from Unit 4 - if the Year 2008/9 do not meet these standards they will be failled."

    Yes he did spell failed like that! :D

    So every student will drop to a C grade unless they do this based on advice we were given a month ago and not two years ago! This seems very unfair - especially as this could have been done two years ago if we'd been told then! I'm not sure if he sampled the actual work that is being submitted now, but we did it the same with the other years who he did check and they definitely did not have animated images or videos they created themselves (except pictures chucked into movie maker, which apparently doesn't count now).

    I've looked around here and have seen lots of horror stories about OCR moderators (with also mentions of excellent ones too). I just wish we had one of those! What I'd really like is something on the OCR website or something that we can show to the moderator to point out how unreasonable and difficult to fulfil his request is. I've seen JM6699 has been really helpful on here and it would be great if he could chip in with his opinion on the way our moderator is treating us! :(


  2. Unreasonableness aside, this is simply not correct. Students do not need to create either of these. This should be quite obvious given that AO3 is all about gathering content. Don't argue about what he can/can't do, merely prove that he's incorrect.
  3. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    I would politely ask the moderator to indicate where in the specification it asks for candidates to create the videos and animations.
    The specification clearly (IMHO) says SOURCE
    </font>The exemplar on the site has:
    <font size="1" face="Arial">
  4. robot1

    robot1 New commenter

    During the visit you should argue with the moderator and ask them to show you where it is written down. It is a very good idea to have familiarised yourself with the common issues documents and the exemplar work on the web. I have also created my own exemplar work based on previous moderation visits.
    I think there is a lot of this going on. My moderator tried to make up things during the visit and I made him back down by showing him the spec, common issues and exemplar work. We argued a lot but he always backed down.

  5. Thanks very much guys. This stuff is brilliant! Sooo helpful. To be honest, it doesn't even effect me as I have bottom set and they are only doing unit 1 and unit 22. :) I'll pass this on to the HoD and he can use it to argue our corner (hopefully). This year is his first year at this school and with OCR Nationals. The HoD last year had no problems arguing with the moderator and usually got his way!
    Looking at the massive block of text in the original post I've just realised that posting on this forum in Chrome is not a good idea. All of my line-spaces got cut out! It's a bit silly that I have to use HTML tags just to get a new line!
  6. gavcradd

    gavcradd New commenter

    In my experience, moderators are very happy to discuss things that you don't agree with. I've had a couple of instances where a moderator has found potential issues with work and in the mjaority of these they were sorted by sitting down with the marking grid and asking them to point out exactly where it stated for what they were asking. They are only human and do make mistakes, but I've found that they're more willing to discuss potential problems.
    One that sticks in my mind is when my moderator insisted that the Unit 2 (website) work had to include sound. Of course, none of ours did so she pulled it up. When we sat down and looked at it, the marking grid actually asked for "a sound understanding of.." [​IMG]
    It's worth knowing how they work though, Google the "OCR Nationals visiting moderator handbook" if you want to find out exactly what they're instructed to do in all cases...
  7. Do rememember that OCR along with the other exam boards have struggled to find moderaters qualified in anything even remotely related to computing or ICT. They might well be a student, a bus driver or an Asda night worker stacking shelves. It's difficult to comprehend why the pay for moderating is so low (thereby attracting poorly qualified people) given the millions the exam boards rake in every year, but that is the situation. OCR especially are pointless complaining to. With years of experience stonewalling complaints over their GCSE coursework projects, my advice is just forget it and have a drink.

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