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OCR HIgher listening Spanish GCSE

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by ambi, May 23, 2011.

  1. ambi

    ambi New commenter

    Not as bad as I was dreading after last weeks French but can anyone help me out as after listening to the last question about 5 times I can only come up with cordero - lamb as an answer and I shamefully don't recognise the other 2 items that were mentioned. Maybe if someone can enlighten me I will have an "of course" moment!
  2. Las berenjenas (aubergine) - had to look that up myself!
    Las cerezas (cherries)
  3. ambi

    ambi New commenter

    Of course!!!! I really didn't recognise cerezas at all till you mentioned it and of course it was then clear but I didn't have a hope of getting aubergines! Many thanks
  4. ambi

    ambi New commenter

    It's true that both lamb and cherries are on the Foundation vocab list but the word for aubergine is not on Higher or Foundation(I don't think), and it is true you needed to put only 2 of the 3 as an answer for the last question, but to have the third option not on either list seems a bit harsh or is that me picking fault?

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