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Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by crunchynut, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Hi. Would anyone who does this be able to give me the low down on this from a teacher's point of view? I've always been happy with Edex at GCSE and results were great this year but am finding the coursework to be a nightmare - there's just so much of it and it's so time-consuming now it's in controlled conditions and none of it can be done at home.

    OCR people, what's the coursework like? How does the course in general compare to Edex?

    I've read the specification so I know the gist but would appreciate any thoughts or opinions from people who've done it. Thanks in advance!
  2. thingwall

    thingwall New commenter

    I switched just over a year ago after 12 with edx. Am very pleased - it's much more straightforward in coursework and moderation. Had an excellent relationship with someone at head office answering all queries. It is 30% written and I miss having a completely practical unit 3 but I wouldn't go back. The grade boundaries are lower than edx too!
  3. Thanks Thingwall. That's really useful.
    What sort of word limit is it for the written coursework? What does it entail?
  4. thingwall

    thingwall New commenter

    When you first read the spec it looks a nightmare but it's actually quite straightforward.
    Essentially the writing consists of a written record for each unit.
    This is written in the classroom whilst rehearsals/devising is happening. There's a one hour scene-setter written at the start of each unit that doesn't get marked but provides the context for the moderator/examiner. There's a one hour written evaluation at the end that does get marked. Thus each unit has 3 parts to the WRecord, two of which give 10% of the marks. There's no word limit - all the units have a time-limit on practical and written work combined. The problem is fitting it all into timetabled lessons. The group that rehearses o/s school can't technically write about that - they don't need to do it.
    You need to have a look online at the spec and examples. It does have its 6 areas of study and 4 ways of working but it's much more easy-going than Edx. Another big bonus is the fact you can have students working on their own or in pairs!
  5. Thanks, that's great. My main objective is to try and reduce the amount of coursework while keeping the practical element. I'll have to see if I can book onto a course or something I think. Thank you again!

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