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OCR GCSE results - how did you do?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by san38, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. san38

    san38 New commenter

    Thanks again for your help pookie. I have seen my head today - she has been v.supportive and agreed to fund the re-mark of 10 papers - if these do go up she is going to raise the issue and try and get the rest looked at,
    Hoping that some of the new spec issues will be ironed out for next year though! I am going on a feedback course in November so hopefuly that should clarify some things
    Thanks again.

  2. Batsheep

    Batsheep New commenter

    The deadline for enquiries for the summer is (as always, all subjects) 20 September, and they promise they will all be back by mid/late Oct (can't rmember the date) I think.
  3. I'm also sure I've had batches much later than that...special circumstances maybe...
    The important thing after all is to be in contact with the board as soon as you can and things can be taken from there.
    I am glad to hear that you have the support of your Head to do this san38, and I hope the problem gets resolved for you.
  4. We also have much lower than expected RS results with OCR. Students that should have definitely achieved A*'s haven't. Very disappointing. I hope that someone at OCR is taking note of this thread!
  5. Iani-trouble,
    Wondered if you had followed this up in any way. My small full GCSE group did Christian Perspectives and Islam. All of them scored noticably lower in CP than Islam but several are from Xn backgrounds. I wondered about the timing of the exam - their first formal paper in the summer series - but the difference wasn't as marked last year when they were at the same time.
    I'm considering remarking all a bit last minute,
  6. Over the last few years our students have got 70-80% A*/A with the old GCSE short course (Grammar School). We have since converted to the new full course. Similar/better students than last year's cohort achieved only 15% A*/A (B3061) with barely any difference between the results of excellent and more average students. This massive drop in results was the same in 2 other Grammars that I'm in contact with. I have written to the course manager Sarah Mallet and her reply is that it is not a widespread problem. This thread begs to differ. I will be sending approx. 20 off for a remark (hoping that I make the Sep deadline). I'm shocked that bright, A* students (the kind that it wouldn't make a difference who taught them as long as they had the right resources), taught by experienced subject specialists, achieved middling grades.
    Action: Follow up letter to Sarah Mallett, attend the marking feedback course and will reconsider using this centre if things don't change.
  7. pete14

    pete14 New commenter

    As an interested outsider with no connection to OCR I am thinking that as so many schools have had results lower than expected, it is unlikely to be worth a remark. There may have been a few duff markers (as with all boards) but it seems to me that if all centres posting here have had duff markers (and posters on here are only a small sample), OCR have had an unprecedented problem with the standard of their marking. To me this seems unlikely.
    Whether this is a good thing or not, I don't know because something seems to have gone wrong somewhere maybe in the way the grades were awarded or in the demands/structure of the exam itself. Perhaps OCR did not communicate the changed demands of their new specification well enough to teachers who have consequently not focussed their teaching as required. Remarking will not solve this - it will just pour more money into OCRs coffers.
    I am curious to know whether remarks have resulted in higher grades though.
  8. san38

    san38 New commenter

    I will let you know the results of my re-marks when I get them but I suspect you may be right! What I find so frustrating is that schools - mine at least - pay no attention to inconsistencies in marking or the fact that the experience is shared with other schools. Essentially, CVA down = my/other teacher's in depts 'fault' even though individuals in school are supportive. As I said my problem is with the legacy not the new paper so it shouldnt be a case of new demands for marking - somehow I'm supposed to explain a 25% dip in A-C passes following years of 'outstanding'. Don;t know where it leaves my perf management this month and I suspect OFSTED will be all over us when they arrive later this year too. excellent.
  9. OckhamsRazor

    OckhamsRazor New commenter

    Yup- and I have a pay increment due with this PM.
  10. This whole thing is just a farse. I have 9 GCSE classes over 3 year groups and I am struggling to understand how everything went so wrong for my students. It makes me question my ability as a teacher. I have lost any confidence I had in OCR. My son just had to have his ICT coursework sent back to OCR . He is an A* student that received almost perfect marks in the exam and first coursework. The crazy thing is that as temporary Head of Citizenship my classes didn't do badly in the OCR exam. What is really upsetting is that the highest ability students got only B's and C'S. Are these markers afraid to give the high grades? Do they lack the subject knowledge or confidence to award over 6 marks on a 12 mark question?
  11. I have marked for OCR for a few years, and marked one of the ethics papers on the new spec this year. I can't speak for anything other than my personal experience, but I certainly felt that the part e answer was not answered well by many candidates. When answering the part e question, many candidates gave an old part c answer which simply wasn't detailed enough to merit the higher mark criteria. To achieve a L4 answer (10 - 12 marks), candidates needed to discuss the question from a range of views, taking into account historical and sociological context of Bible teachings, modern interpretations and elaborating on their view point. The difference between the old part C and the new E is quite stark but it will probably take a while to bed into place. I will happily hold my hand up and say that I hadn't fully appreciate the level of change until I went for my assessor training!

    I'm not sure if that helps or not [​IMG]
  12. Really?!
    They have to discuss the social and historical context of the Bible?

    This isn't mentioned in Any of the text books ( I bought a copy of each)
    This wasn't mentioned at the OCR training day (which I attended)
    Nor is this mentioned in the OCR manual
    S0 if OCR decided to shift the goal post it might have been good practice to let teachers know[​IMG]
  13. I probably phrased it badly - I mean that, for example, if you were talking about the roles of men and women in the family you might be discussing the 'traditional' view of families (wives submit to your husbands etc), but that you might put original Bible teaching into the context of the time it was written.

    I do apologise - it has been a difficult week, and I can't seem to find the right words to phrase what I mean.
  14. I understand what you are referring to. I feel that the specification was not clear on this. The example answers given to us did not go into the depth you want for 10-12 marks . I feel honestly that you are asking GCSE students to write answers that an A level student would write. In theory OCR has created an exam in which it is almost impossible to get high marks in. I certainly don't want the exam to be too easy but had our school realised what you wanted in the higher marks our teaching would have reflected that. Our Department is very lucky in that almost all of us are RE specialists with over 50 years experience between us.
  15. san38

    san38 New commenter

    I have to say I totally agree with madera -these are Y11 students! I also am experienced but I am feeling a real lack of confidence teaching this new GCSE. IT's OK for OCR to say that they want to avoid formulaic responses but I am teaching 300 students who range from A* to G and certainly the latter and most of the others require some sort of formula. It is ridiculous to say that they are looking for real engaement with the question but don;t specify exactly how that can be shown. The mark scheme for Part E specifies they should consider a range of views - what's a range? How does considering 3 viewpoints, using arguments for each as per the old spec NOT constitute considering a range of views. OCR are going to need to specify exactly what it is they are looking for if teachers are going to stay with them - I for one am considering 'jumping ship' afer many years as a supporter of this board.
  16. Thank you so much. I feel exactly the same way. It is demoralizing and many of our students want to do well and this just knocks them back.
  17. On the OCR course I attended the examiner actually suggested the approach of: On the one hand, on the otther hand, Some Christians think, I think... and suggested we use a resource which is on the|TES and promtes such an approach.
    I've now devised a guidance sheet that I'm hoping will help pupils engage with, rather than list opinions, but don't feel at all sure that this is what theyre looking for.


  18. Just to let you know-this will not help. They are just fobbing people off. I am so MAD! I can not believe they can do this and get away!

    none of this makes sense! AT ALL!

    we NEED to do something! This is not fair on our kids, our subjects reputation, our own roles as teachers, impact on the whole school!

    Gosh do I need to go on!

    Do they realise how this has caused great stress.
  19. san38

    san38 New commenter

    It's no help with the worries about the new spec but I was the OP here and my problem was with the legacy marking. For everyone's info I have had the 10 re-marked papers back - all have gone up - 7 of the 10 by TWO GRADES. My head is raising hell at OCR and trying to now get the whole batch re-marked.
    I'm thrilled for the kids and for my perf management! I'm pleased that the 'post results' system seems to be working, yet still very disappointed and upset over the angst this caused me in my holidays and since I've been back. Still very worried about all he comments on the new spec - do I stay or jump ship? Could the fuss we;re making lead to better quality control of marking in future? Don't know....
    Thanks everyone for the support - you've helped at a time when my confidence was knocked - as it turns out for no good reason!
  20. so happy for you san38.

    Fingers crossed that I get a similar result.


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