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OCR GCSE project 2 - abisymal moderator report

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by mcinjp2000, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Hi
    Looking for advice - we received the examiner report today and i am actually shocked that we were marked down from 120 UMS to 89 UMS (top B). The sample we sent off was a whole cohort (163) and I teach top set which contained obly 6 full marks 120 UMS. I am shocked when reading the report about how they manage to find new things to pull us up on every year. We address each new coursework session with errors from the previous one - yet we still get it wrong. My 6 top students can not get an A* with their coursework being downgraded so severly.
    Any advice would be welcomed
  2. OCR used to scale us every year, then give us the marks back on appeal.
    We no longer 'do' OCR.
    You can appeal to have them remarked if you feel you have done everything that was recommended from last year's report.
    Another useful tactic is to send a couple of examples off early to be moderated by OCR and once these are passed you will know what the rest have to do.
    This won't help you this year I suppose.
    Mail me an example of work if you like and your examiner report.
    melandneil@chatchat.net - you can guess my e-mail address from this!
  3. Hi
    I am being so stupid here - i cant seem to workout your email address
    could you give me another clue carol
  4. OCR have lost the plot completely recently with its GCSE ICT course. It used to be just their project 1a that was a disaster area. I've noticed after 6 years of no problems with project 2, we have had the last 2 years with problems that never arose before, new problems yet we do the same thing!! Same teachers, same screendumps, same manufactured errors that are then correcte, same everything.
    What is shocking with OCR is that they are facing a severe shortage of markers and moderators. They take anyone who can breathe, and we suffer the results.
    We took the opportunity to move to Edexcel's ICT course last year - better but still hate these controlled assessment things - sooooooooo boring for everyone.
    Things are changing in ICT however. Next year, it becomes an option, so we are abandoning GCSE ICT for good. )HURRAY). We will be offering OCR AS Computing as 1 option in KS4, Functional Skills in ICT as a second option in KS4, and ensuring that our KS3 program is better focused on providing tools to support work in other lessons (video, Audacity, Prezi, shopping carts etc).
    Whilst I am sad to see the demise of ICT GCSE, it has been coming for a long time. What is (was) this subject, with about 35 Level 2 qualifications anyway? Cr ap boring, tedious coursework, poor moderators, a mishmash of topics with a tenuous relationship and little interest in standards. [​IMG]
  5. jweb2k

    jweb2k New commenter

    Chatchat is talktalk?

  6. Think it's talktalk

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