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Discussion in 'Art and design' started by jerla, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. I wondered if anyone has had a recent visit from the Moderator and has had any noticable decrease in marks. This is the first time this has happened and I wondered if it could be anything to do with the new specification this year? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi yes I have recently had a visit from the moderator and area moderator (as it was the first year of the new specs) and there has been a noticable decrease in the marks which can only be put down to to the new specs.
  3. Hi. Is this for GCSE?
    How do you find out if your marks have been marked down? I'm with AQA and we have been moderated but we receive no feedback from them. I asked our exams officer who said we will only find out on results day!

  4. Just to answer your question this is for the exam board OCR and they tell you if the marks are going to be changed. It is then possible to ask for a remoderation.

  5. Batsheep

    Batsheep New commenter

    This is ceratinyl standard procedure for most subjects and all exam boards, though Art always seems to have its own slightly different system so it may not comply. If you're not happy you can pay to be re-moderated after the results come out but for Art I can see that would be a nightmare as all the work would have been taken down.
  6. I have had a visit from OCR, for both GCSE and A level- on both occasions our marks were moved down considerably- we have had very small adjustments in the past but never to this extent-in fact our students work is always complimented upon! The A level moderation was particularly bad, moderator and team leader turned up at 12.30, moved some candidates down by 30 (!) marks, one candidate was awarded an A grade last year by same board for AS, this yr at A2 she has been moved down to possibly a C grade. The whole process was unacceptable, including the appalling feedback i received. They left at 7.00! We are, of course, appealing. This has been across the board in my area. OCR are doing themselves no favours, they obviously have an agenda that they are keeping very quiet!
  7. stlb11

    stlb11 New commenter

    We have had a moderation like I have never experienced this year! My colleague and I have been delivering OCR GCSE for 22 years and have never encountered problems before. This year some of our marks were pulled down by 29 (the biggest adjustment I have ever had has been 4 marks!), the rank order was affected and contact with OCR proved to be very difficult. This was a nearly a month ago, and still no satisfactory response! Suffice to say we are having a second moderation but I have to say the way that OCR has dealt with our concerns has really set alarm bells ringing.
  8. We have delivered AQA for the first time this year, and were moderated this week. Hardly any feed back, certainly nothing in writing. We had been with OCR for years and had very favourable feedback over the past few years. I feel very uneasy about the whole process and as you say will only find out on results day. The standardisation meeting I went to as a "new client" was not inspiring.
  9. Our Art Department are in the same boat. The past four years of moderation and our marks were not changed apart from being a little harsh on the lower grades. We have been highly commended for the work we do and the way we display our work.
    This year, the moderator came in and dropped top grades by 11 marks and a significant number on our B - C grades. Our line manager called and complained and he demanded another moderator. They came in last week and changed the marks again, but they were not as harsh as before.
    The first moderator said that the ideas were 'not implemented earlier enough' while the second moderator said it was fine the way we had taught it.
    mmmmmmm....not sure about what's going to happen after reading the other posts
    We shall see...
  10. We are really reassured to read that other departments have had similar problems with GCSE Art and Design moderation with OCR this year. After 22 years of marking accurately with OCR, we have just been lowered minus 4 at the top end and minus 8 from 96 to the bottom. After requesting remoderation we were lowered even further to minus 9 accross the board. The grades for our pupils this year bear no resemblance to those of our pupils last year for the same quality and standard of work. This will be very difficult to explain to parents and pupils. We intend to move exam boards because we have found this unacceptable. We appreciate that this is a new spec but feel that we have been put in an impossible situation and it would be interesting to know just how many other centres feel the same.
  11. joli2

    joli2 New commenter

    Edexcel and no change to our marks. We marked the same as last year, although I suspect the grade boundaries have moved up.
  12. Well I have never come across such unprofessionalism. This has got to be the worst examining bOard I have ever come across ( OCR) The man could not justify why he put all the Photography A Level grades down apart from saying The board have told us to put marks down in Photography thats what we are picking on!!!! And that the work was not 'eye catchy' enough!!! Have you ever heard such rubbish. This was my first year at at a new school as a head of department and I carried on with OCR just to see what they were like.
    To cut a long story short this is what has happened!
    • They do not offer any coursework advisors like AQA!
    • Help line our rubbish and have to call you back
    • The current course I went on told me that you can get an A without any writing at A level.
    • The examiner told me that this was rubbish and so they are all contradiciting themselves.
    • Of course I would encourage students to write but it was just interesting to find out that no one knows what they are going on about.
    • The paper work is the worst I have come across. You fill it all in on line and then you have to print it off and post it to them!!! As well as hand write another form with marks on, so you are filling everything out 100 times.
    • After the moderators comments on the fact things were not ' eye catchy enough' I asked for what he meant and he responded with 'well im not running the course!'
    • The moderator gave me bits of paper back for each unit and there was a unit missing. I asked if there should be some more and he said firmly NO. I then discover he was meant to give me the unit infomation and has not.
    • We phone the examining board who cant track him. I then decide 3 weeks after the moderation ( as the board could not track him) to call his house. He then was very rude and said that I should have called him earlier!!! Really? I dont think it is common practice to call the moderator at their home to get answers is it???
    • He then had to fax the whole lot through.
    • We thought about a re-moderation but everything was so late and I was so sick with it all we have settled with the marks.
    • We are leaving OCR over this and moving to AQA who I can not fault.
    • It is such a shame that it should be this difficult for teachers. Also if you are going to introduce technology and do all this e- on line marking why do we then have to post the whole lot off. I still believe that all Art teachers should have one examining board with the same boundaries so its all blooming fair!!
    • WHOS WITH ME?!
  13. I'm moving to Edexcel. OCR were not at all communicative/helpful when I asked for help. The stress this has caused (during what was meant to be a holiday) has been incredible.
    The final grades were not as devastating as I thought they would be but the overall effect has been significant enough for me to drop OCR and move to the board I use for A Level Art. I would be interested to hear how other people feel about this moderation and what their intentions are for the future.
  14. kaisa

    kaisa New commenter

    I'm a little shocked to hear of all these bad experiences with OCR. I've just moved schools from experiencing both AQA and Edxcel and was very impressed with the quality of feedback and general positive response from our moderators. They give some helpful suggestions of how to move the course on and even marked some of our students up.
    I agree some of the paper work is a little cumbersome and they haven't been brilliant with following up queries, but no different from the other boards! I'm a bit of an OCR convert! Anyone else with positive experiences (or is it just me)?
  15. These messages point to one of the problems with public exams in our subject: so much depends on the decision of one person. Moderators are very varied. We deal with 3 different exam boards and it seems to me that it is too simplistic to blame one board. Exam boards employ a range of individuals who are asked to do a sensitive job for relatively small payment. Moderators can be somewhere on the spectrum between highly experienced and first timers - it is just luck who you are allocated. We had an issue with our OCR GCSE moderator this year, who made a move of four marks, claiming that these were spread across all assessment objectives. This means he reduced each AO by one mark. We all know that marking our subject is not a precise science and I defy anyone to distinguish one mark in any AO - it is just not that precise. We need moderators who are highly experienced art teachers who understand the professionalism of art departments and their approach to assessment and who are instructed to alter marks only where there has been significant injustice either in centres being too harsh/lenient. We do not need uninformed meddlers who tinker pointlessly with marks and leave departments confused by the whole process.

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