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Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by eddypeddy, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Are people generally happy with their OCR MFL GCSE results this year? There is no mention of OCR as far as I can see.
  2. Linguo24

    Linguo24 New commenter

    We are very happy with our Spanish results (our best ever), but French results are not as good as usual (but this may be to do with the way we taught the new course!). The worst skill overall was writing, with pupils getting Ds and Es there when getting As and Bs in other skills.
  3. Have you had any feedback from OCR about how they were marked?
  4. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    The German in our school (OCR) was heavily marked down on the writing - we have a student who got A* listening, A* reading, A* speaking and C writing. Several examples of similar gaps, e.g. B, B, B and F.
  5. Linguo24

    Linguo24 New commenter

    No, not yet. All we've done so far is make up a scaling sheet to see what the UMS mark means in terms of a raw mark which the kids actually got in each of their skill area exams and now we're seeing how these compare with what we gave for speaking and what we predicted for writing.
  6. ambi

    ambi New commenter

    Spanish OCR marks reasonable but for the French the writing was definitely a long way down on what we thought they were attaining(obviously we had graded the pieces ourselves prior to submission in order to choose the best two pieces and our marking as a department has not been wrong in previous years). There seems to be a theme here.
  7. We had the same experience in GCSE German in particular. They did well in the listening and reading but many were marked down heavily in the writing and Es were common when they were getting As and Bs in other skills.
  8. Hello
    Thank goodness I found something about OCR! WE've had exactly the same problem in German and French, but Spanish have been fine. Pupils who were A grade in Speaking in French and German have got Bs and Cs in the Writing. Can we get feedback from OCR about this? Can we complain?!
  9. We are in the same boat. I'm horrified by some of the writing results (way lower than expected with lots of inconsistency) yet OCR will not give feedback. I spoke to them and they say even if you order the scripts back the marks on them are not necessarily the final marks awarded?! The only way to investigate to do a full remark but even then you don't get any written feedback. Personally I think this is ridiculous- they have given us more autonomy on task setting but what if this is what is holding students back?! Argh...I really don't 'get' OCR!
  10. We had good results for the Listening, Reading and Speaking C.A., but the Writing was much lower for quite a lot of pupils across the 3 languages (French, German, Spanish), which seemed very inconsistent. Is anyone asking for a re-mark? We are seriously considering it...
  11. Yes, I've been on the phone to OCR several times over the last three days, and for a start I got two rather different replies about the remarking, but the one thing they seem to be very clear about is the cost... If the marks change by 5% at least, you get your money back apparently. We are weighing the pros and cons but have to decide before September 20th. Now I've read all these messages, I wonder whether all schools affected should lodge an official complaint.
  12. I think that would be a good idea. Does anyone know if we get the papers back? I'd like to see the comments from the person who did the marking as to what we did wrong so I can try and get it right with this year's group. I'm having to explain to the head why we screwed up on the writing when all our predicted marks looked just fine.
  13. You can get the papers back but they do not have comments on. That was what I was told anyway.

    I will ask at my next LM meeting about a remark. I agree about v surprising marks- some B students getting Ds etc plus I submitted one that was about 2 lines long because that's all I could get out of student and that student was awarded a G yet another which was MUCH better got an F and another similar one got a U. I really do think there is something amiss but how can we prove it?
    We only did a brief mark of the writing and didn't moderate as I felt it was not worth the time but we are a very small department and I looked at all the students' work myself before submitting to pick their best 2.
  14. backwardfinesse

    backwardfinesse New commenter

    We perceive two separate elements in out results with OCR GCSE French:

    1) Overall quite a few have 3-6 marks out of 60 less on the raw scores than we had pre-marked them at; 6/60 = one whole grade. Equally some were higher than expected but only really at the top end, where they already had an A. Meanwhile our speaking marks were returned un moderated as spot on - thus writing marks changed quite alot. By contrast all our Sp CA Wr were at least as good as or better than expected - nearly all A*. Theme: inconsistency.
    2) On both Sp and Wr CA, the B and C threshold were moved up 4 marks out of 60: 2/3 of a grade.... This is certainly an "issue"! Theme: artificial grade deflation similar to the English.
    If you were hit twice (harsh marking as in 1) you were down nearly 2 grades.


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