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OCR GCSE Mathematics A 13 June Why was a question deleted???

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by mathsteacher1953, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Can anybody thro any light on why students were told not to do question 11b of the Unit B (Non-calculator paper) on Monday ? [ I am not risking trying to type in the square root sign below]
    (6 - root a)(6 + root a) =33

    Surely it led to 36 - a = 33
    a = 3
    and I just can't see why all our students were told not to do it and that the paper would be marked out of 58 (instead of 60).
    I haven't seen the advice that the Exams Officer received but he is adamant that they were told that pupils should not do this question.
  2. Cos it's now C1 ???? [​IMG]
  3. I thought surds and diff of 2 squares were still on the spec. However, I probably am wrong as there are so many specs around that it's like going into a branch of Boots Opticians...
    cyolba, still praying (to a non-existent god) for a single exam spec from a single non-profit making exam board :)
  4. Classic! Where is a "like" button when you need one?
  5. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    So yet another exam mistake (presumably only spotted because of the extra checks that QCA demanded after the last mistake).
    Although as with the OP I cant really see why this needs to be deleted as long hand expansion of brackets provides an easy enough solution.
  6. Another mistake?

    Is it true that in the history exam on WW2, the word 'Britain' should have read 'Germany' throughout the question?

    I have downloaded the paper, and there is a page saying that it is to be read out twice that question 11 is not to be answered, and that papers will be marked out of 58.

    I have never heard the like before...
  7. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    Maybe the question had been compromised and so was removed so there'd be no unfair advantage.
  8. cach9801

    cach9801 New commenter

    According to the specification, multiplying double brackets is covered in the C module, not the B module. The specification is very vague when it talks about surds. I've seen one textbook cover double brackets with surds in B, but not cover normal algebraic double brackets until C. The textbook my school uses covers both topics at C. However, the specification doesn't clearly state any of them.
    Furthermore, converting square mm to square cm is also on the C module, but ended up on the B exam.
    I am not impressed with OCR. Not at all. I have pupils revising every single topic in the specification and textbook for the B module, and they're being tested on things that aren't relevant.
  9. Thanks cach.
    I have looked again at the spec and agree with your comments. I had already picked up the area conversion question which certainly appears to be in module C and I had not prepared my group for it.

    We decided to go modular because so many other subjects in school were going modular but I may have to have a rethink after results day. The problem is that when they have year 10 module exams in many other subjects the students concentrate on those at the expense of subjects which aren't being examined and we seem to lose several weeks of teaching.
    I'm not criticising OCR because my previous experiences with the board have all been very positive. It just seems to reflect how ridiculously complicated it has all become.
  10. alabaster

    alabaster New commenter

    and what about the scale on that graph question? I have never seen a scale so awkward!
  11. lizlucy

    lizlucy New commenter

    Having just seen the paper today (only just been given it), I agree with all the other posts. The scale is very tricky on no. 3, not impossible but requires some thought.
    I taught multiplying surds in brackets because it was on the Unit B exam in January so why was the question axed?
  12. Do you think it was because the exam boards are running scared of QCA / QCDA / whatever they call themselves these day?. My set one pupils decided the deleted question was one of the easier ones on the paper.
    As for the scale, it's probably too tricky for question no 3 but the better candidates should be able to cope with it.
  13. Mine have just sat Unit A only. We were disappointed to find the f(x) notation question. Although it was on the additional specimen, the reference to function notation is a single line in the specification in the notes section : 'Function notation may be used'. It is not in either of the text books as far as I can see nor the revision guides sanctioned by OCR. Am I going blind - do I need to go to 'spec' savers too?

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