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OCR GCSE in Art and Design - Controlled Assessment - Can anybody give some advice?

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by gruzzygrumby2, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. Hello - Can anyone offer some advice?

    After several years delivering the Level 2 BTEC in Art and Design we have decided to return to GCSE delivery (long story). The main change that I notice is the replacement of 'coursework projects' a more streamlined/leaner looking 'Controlled Assessment'. This is a big departure for me and I have never actually seen one of these (either digitally or in the flesh)! Because I have no experience of the production of these Controlled assessment portfolios I am running pretty paranoid about getting the delivery wrong!!

    I have pasted my query (Emailed to OCR - still awaiting a response) and wondered if anyone on here could give me any insight into what these Controlled assessments actually look like (literally - How many 'Pages' is normal)?

    I would really appreciate any help on that question alone (or any of the questions pasted below).



    "We are currently intending on starting to deliver your OCR Art and Design GCSE. Your colleagues have advised that this would be from the ‘from 2012’ specification initially (and it is this specification I am asking about).

    I have been in touch with the helpline number on a couple of occasions and they have suggested the use of this Email) I want to ask as many questions as possible to ensure that I have a firm understanding of the specification that we make a success of delivery in our first year. We have been teaching Edexcel BTEC for a number of years and during this time the GCSE specifications have changed somewhat – most of my questions therefore relate to the Controlled assessment project and how this differs in practice from the old coursework element. I have read the specification and guidance and have an idea of what is required but just want to confirm or clarify a few things if that is OK! My initial questions then are as follows:

    [*]Are centres allowed to design &lsquo;bespoke&rsquo; controlled assessment projects based around the individual strengths/ interests on individual students or groups of students) in other words can students all work on individual/different personal projects for the 45 hours.
    [*]If the above is not permitted then can you provide a small &lsquo;menu&rsquo; of options for the controlled assessment e.g. 4 or 5 themes for students to choose (like the old Art and Design Exam papers)
    [*]Does the 45 Hours controlled assessment have to be a consecutive period of study or can this be broken up throughout the course.
    [*]The specification says that when the 45 hours controlled assessment is complete, that students select and present work that they have produced during this time. This suggests that the final &lsquo;portfolios&rsquo; presented for assessment will be significantly less than 45 hours worth of work. What kind of stuff should students discard and how &lsquo;large&rsquo; should these final portfolios be? &ndash; It is difficult to get a sense of this in our first year of delivery (particularly that we would previously &lsquo;throw in&rsquo; everything produced over 2 years for the old coursework element).
    [*]Would these Controlled assessments typically involve 1 Topic/Project (and therefore 1 linear &lsquo;story&rsquo; of ideas development/outcome)? Is this preferable to 2 or 3 completely different tasks projects combined to make this body of work?
    [*]Are you able to put me in touch with centres local to me who may be successfully delivering this course (in order to see an example of a controlled assessment portfolio in the flesh)? &ndash; Are there any other ways of me being able to see a physical example of a controlled assessment portfolio in the flesh?
    Thanks for taking the time to read this. I look forward to your response."

  2. samorsh

    samorsh New commenter

    Hi there, i just saw your posting there. This response is too basic for you, but in terms of seeing what a gcse portfolio shld look like by just googling it and clicking on images you find some helpful sites, also some pinterest sites show specifically gcse portfolio work.

    I'm trying to get to grips with the igcse myself actually as want to be fully aware of all the specifics, as i haven't taught it before...have just started a teaching job in rwanda.

    Maybe you cd help with a question i have..? Having been teachi g art to adults in recent years i'm rusty on 'cleaning up' strategies for the end of very short hr long art classes with big groups of kids and one tiny sink! Any suggestions? Perhaps by electing a cleaner /s per table each wk? Thanks for suggestions!

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