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OCR GCSE ICT (old spec A) Results Summer 2011

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by djs37, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. djs37

    djs37 New commenter


    Was wondering how these were in other centres. Saw some rather strong moderation.

  2. djs37

    djs37 New commenter


    Was wondering how these were in other centres. Saw some rather strong moderation.

  3. Dreadful - we've had adjustment down on both projects 1a/1b and project 2 so that students achieving A* on coursework now get a B. Expected about 75% A*-C - have got 44%! No feedback received about project 2 and feedback about 1a/1b seems pretty contentious to me as the specification is quite ambiguous in places. Also, the adjustment figures given seem to bear little relation to the UMS figures achieved by individual students, it just seems random. I just don't get it.
    Do you know if there's an appeals process and can you get the moderator or somebody from OCR to acually explain the process and reasons for this?
  4. "Do you know if there's an appeals process and can you get the moderator
    or somebody from OCR to acually explain the process and reasons for
    I really wouldn't waste your time. OCR are not interested in any comments, concerns or criticisms you may have.
  5. Thank goodness this course is coming to an end. The course is a joke - it has a history of downgrading marks so that pupils get grades well below those that they get in other subjects. We went on the training courses as a department and followed coursework guidelines religiously but we still got marked down at moderation. The poor marks are not a reflection of your teaching, instead the results reflect a course which should never have been allowed into schools in the first place!
    Just as a matter of interest - does anyone have any feedback on the results of OCR's new GCSE? Is it a similar story?
  6. Triple M: I'm still recovering from the shock of our new GCSE grades, particularly in the exam! But the national statistics for the exam pretty much reflect our's.

    We're going to have to do a full retake in January.
  7. cwestie - that is terrible! We didn't do the new OCR GCSE course but I am looking forward to reading the examiners report when it is published. The reports for the old syllabus always blamed the teachers for not preparing pupils well enough. There was a small cohort that took the exam in January and if you read the examiner's report for that - it is very depressing - again saying that pupils were inadequately prepared. The subject is in crisis! This sort of thing does not appear to happen in other subjects.
  8. GGGGGGrrrrrrrr
    Just got the results of our GCSE coursework back and YET AGAIN they have marked down project 2. We've been on every damn course they run since 2002, read every report and teachers notes again and moderated ourselves very harshly and they still move the goalposts.
    "You have to set up an interview using email or letter", it says in our moderators report. NO YOU DON'T!!! Every time this has been raised at meetings, it has been said that this isn't appropriate to do this if it is a family member who lives with you. Why have OCR moved the goalposts yet again. Our moderator also refers to candidates projects who weren't even sent to them, which is just sloppy and shows the lack of care that this noddy has taken with the pupils hard work. They have also refered to criteria that isn't in the mark scheme and I am very very angry.
    Now I am going to have to sit down and waste loads more hours going through the appeal process, which I fully intend doing this time. I am sick and tired of OCR's slap dash approach to standards and am so glad that I never have to use this exam board again.
    God, I hate this exam board.
    Rant over.
  9. OMG! I have just got back from school after picking up our results and we have very similar problems to you with project 2. There downgrading has trashed our results this year. We will be appealling of course. I'm sitting here going through the report and the pupils' coursework. I can't believe some of the rubbish the moderator wrote in his report. I wonder if you are in the Midlands? Have PM'ed you.
  10. Which exam board are you going to be using instead? I'm halfway through the new OCR course with new Y11s and after the mauling we've had from the moderator am not exactly confident in the future with OCR. Any recommendations?
  11. Tosha

    Tosha New commenter

    We are switching to wjec, it's very specific about ths skills provided.

  12. I have just got the same comments about inconsistency in work, i.e font size and other rubbish.Evidence of no work has been produced, dont get this, where as I have submitted copy of every students work and details but still with the same old repetitive comments every year.For data handling strand, evidence of data has been collected by hand, this is stupid, how on earth do you prove that. The student have made a data capture form and filled in manually on the form, what else they want, make a video of how hard are they working
    What I have realized is you need to know the moderators requirement then what the board is asking. Hard to carry on teaching this course and embarrasing comparing with grades achieved by other subjects from the same board.
    Just wondering whether anyone has gone for appeal process and whether it really helps?

  13. Almost exactly our experience. I can't help wondering if we had the same moderator.
  14. We're in the Midlands. Same story for our candidates. One pupil with 10 A stars, but not at OCR ICT

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