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OCR GCSE exams - their finest hour?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by mossonbrick, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Got a few resitters from last year retaking this.
    Paper 1 was a firm but fair paper I thought, with the obvious huge blunder in Q1b ... write a suitable query for 4 marks. I wonder which bright spark at OCR decided that a question worth 4 marks warrents just one and a half lines to write the answer on. My lot would have done this with SQL and I spent ages drumming into them about laying work out neatly, line by line, and then this happens. It certainly threw a lot of mine, who thought the answer was shorter than it actually was. Actually, come to think about it, trying to describe how you would sort the records in Q1a isn't a great question either - what are they supposed to write? I think I would struggle to come up with 4 marks worth of things to say - Select records - Custom Sort - Sort by females first - then sort by name?
  2. I saw a past paper that asked something like.

    Aside from setup/creation costs and maintenace costs name two other costs associated with running a website.
    Show where the hyperlinks are in this black and white presentation screen.

    Hmmm very interesting...

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