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OCR GCSE Computing

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by emma2710, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. @ gavdgradd - I'll be the first to say what everyone's thinking .....
    Really? You don't speak for me. We do exactly the same as macdiploma except we start the OCR course in September in year 10. We run the course as an opportunity to stretch and challenge the high flyers. We had 17 sit the exam this year. 4 got an A, 8 got a B and the rest were Cs and Ds. The AS OCR computing course is a excellent course. The syllabus is very clear. There are lots of resources There is no coursework so no pressures from that direction, and contrary to what some are saying here, I agree that it ain't that much more difficult than the GCSE Computing course also run by OCR. Paper 1 is on a par. The programming is a little more challenging (the second paper) but as I said, we run it for students are really into their computing and are well motivated. That's a grammar school for you though! [​IMG]
  2. gavcradd

    gavcradd New commenter

    Mark, your situation is great and I applaud it but you're coming from a different point of view than McDiploma - he was rubbishing the GCSE, you clearly state that your AS offer is for G+T students. A big difference. My response was more to do with months and months of listening to his ridiculous ramblings rather than any disagreement about the possibilities of AS with KS4 students.

    Having said that all that, I'll stick to the GCSE Computing thank you very much - I'm loving the pilot so far.
  3. I've read his (her?) comments again.I don't think that he is rubbishing them. He seems to be saying (very bluntly) that the Nationals and the GCSE are dumbed down, that the AS computing is a better course than the GCSE computing because it isn't any harder. He's right. If he wasn't, we would be doing the GCSE course at my school. We looked at it, and the AS course and it was no contest. I have my own doubts about the Nationals. I have more doubts about the ICT GCSE's quality. But most of all I struggle to see the purpose of the GCSE Computing when the AS Computing is not that much more difficult. And to be honest, you only have to look at the complete and utter collapse of students taking ICT / Computing (a third gone in the last few years)to realise there is a problem, a very big problem, with the courses on offer. I'm glad you are enjoying the OCR GCSE Computing course, but have another look at the AS course. It may surprise you, and I'll tell you what, it does the students' confidence a world of good to know that they are doing a Sixth Form course early.
  4. We are also teaching the GCSE, it good stuff, its challenging and we have exactly the right clientel studying it. But it is close to the AS, in fact there is a much greater gap to A2 from AS than from GCSE to AS.
  5. Hi,
    I can programme with Python and I have a background in electronics as well as ICT. Will this be enough to teach GCSEcomputing or computer science? I am worried that it is required to learn and teach different programming languages, in which case I am afraid I will not be able to offer it at our school. I need to know what professional development my ICT team will need also in order to train them or send them to courses.

    Can you shed some light here please?
  6. You'll be fine. Download the specification for an exam board or two. Buy a text book or two and have a look at what you have to teach. Go to exam boards' websites and look at the past papers and mark schemes.

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