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OCR GCSE Computing - latest views please?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by HappyHippy, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. As an early adopter I've enjoyed it.

    For the lower ability kids it's pretty challenging, and you can't simply walk them through a programming solution in the same way that you could walk them through a website or similar ICT project. Well, I suppose you could, but not without blatantly cheating and missing the point entirely.

    The mark scheme has too many marls for design and testing for my liking, but it still beats death by screenshot.

    I agree that some programming tasks are clearly geared towards VB type languages, but equally others are clearly geared towards CLI applications. Because you can take your pic of programming tasks that isn't an issue.

    We're running ICT and Computing both. I'd steer my non-mathematical students towards ICT as those without good logic and problem solving skills will find Computing hard. That said, I'd not turn anyone away if they were determined.
  2. I'm enjoying teaching GCSE Computing for the first time this year to a Y9 group, however have just learned that all GCSE exams must now be sat at the end of the course (I had planned to enter for the exam next June with this group!). If I'd known this before I would havebeen taching it in a different way!

    Is it too much to ask for some consideration for teachers from the powers that are tinkering with the system?
  3. Actually, it sounds to me that you are tinkering the system. GCSE starting in year 9. Absurd! You've gotten what you deserve I'm afraid. Key Stage 4 is years 10 and 11 with an expectation that students do their GCSE over those two years. The "do an ICT qualification in year 9" is a madness that came about as a result of Nationals and league table fever. Change what you do - its you thats in the wrong not the government.
  4. Just dealing with the hand dealt by SMT unfortunately!

    Anyway, I would hardly compare completing a third of GCSE Computing in Y9 with the madness we know goes on with ICT qualifications.
  5. I've been looking at it for next year, if the Luddites in SMT can be persuaded. There are a few who still think our lot might be disadvantaged if the numbers for GCSE Computing meant that GCSE ICT was not viable.
    Imagine - no GCSE ICT being a disadvantage.... I put the case for GCSE Computing for the techy ones, and RSA for the ones who want to learn how to use office apps (IMHO, RSA is far better), or even ECDL.
    The OCR course looks good, though it is not perfect. Theory looks straightforward though I'm still pondering the practical side. Some are using Java, others Python, others VB or Small Basic. I'd like a poll or clear advice from OCR.
    I have contacted AQA a few times to see if they will have an alternative available - person A said they didn't know, so I sould contact B. B did not reply. Rumours of Edexcel doing something. No word on WJEC. CCEA are not interested.
    In a way, I'm glad there are no alternatives as it makes the choice easier! No fear of having SMT ask me after the first results if it would have been better/worse with AQA!!

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