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OCR GCSE Art Set Task 2013 - Sharing ideas?

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by tutormitchell, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Hello

    I have just seen the exam paper for June 2013 OCR Art set task and thought it might be good to share ideas for the starting points given.

    I am an art teacher in my second year, and as a one member department I find it a struggle at times as I don't have anyone to bounce ideas off!

    If anyone has any suggestions for artists, or topics that in their experience should be avoided I would be really grateful to hear them. Once I have had a good look through the paper I will post mine too (just need to get rid of hazy Christmas brain first).

  2. Hi

    We are just sat now as a department going through the paper, and creating mind maps as ideas that we can then give to the pupils to aid their decision on a Starting point.
    To start with we have looked at Social Gatherings.
    IMAGE A ; Frans Hals
    IMAGE B ; Otto Dix
    IMAGE C; Joseph Canas 'The Sardana'
    IMAGE D; NO artist - links to African art
    IMAGE E; Diego Rivera

    But you can also look at celebrations, parties, Holiday, Sport - olypics etc, Festivals, Religious gatherings.

    There are also artists like Bruegel and Bosch who paint lots of people gathered together in their art.

    Hope this helps to start....

  3. inti

    inti New commenter

    Hi Jennie,
    Just started my lot off today. I teach in a PRU, so I have to guide my pupils considerably to the more favoured/suitable themes for them, but I can help you.
    My Top Tip is to get them brainstorming. I can do this easily with the small groups I have, but they just love feeding off eachothers ideas, so you could arrange your pupils on tables to generate ideas for 2-3 themes then can get a class discussion going to compare and contrast.
    Get dictionaries/thesaurus and big sheets of paper. Start them off with the theme in the middle and branch out.
    For example:
    > Types of canine - foxes, wolves, hounds, dogs, coyote,
    > Famous canines - The Legend of Gelert, Hound of the Baskervilles, White Fang, werewolves, Romulus & Remus, Pudsey, HMV dog
    > Breeds - pug, mongrel, greyhound, terrier etc
    > Canine Artists - Rufino Tamayo, Keck, Hockney, Franz Marc, Eric Carle, Peter Clark
    > Canine attributes > loyal, intelligent, they bite the postman (?), paw prints, bones, squeaky toys, they slobber (?), "Fetch", "Sit", whimper, dogs sleep a lot
    > Canine 'Jobs' - greyhound racing, St Bernard mountain resue, guide dogs, sheep dog, fox-hunting
    This is just a snapshot of some of what we came up with today. You would laugh your head off if I showed you what we discussed for 'Caged' theme!
    AVOID? Well, the 'Heath Food' theme is a 'no-no' with my lot. However, Carl Warner
    ‘foodscapes’ may be a go-er. They did like that when I showed them some images. I did wonder if Warhols Vegetable Soup was (technically) a health food?
    Just PM me if you would like to bounce ideas around.


  4. Hi Jennie,
    Our department are sharing ideas & images with our students via Pinterest, you can see my boards here! http://pinterest.com/mcdartdesign/artists-art-exam-2013/ my colleague is on Pinterest as Miss W so you could look at hers too.

    In my opinion the questions that raised bad art alarm bells were Creepy crawly, Canine & Love! They could be done really well by more able students but badly drawn dogs or wolves could be awful! Similarly Love could be disastrous for some lovestruck student, but if you pre-empt that by showing them where to get more interesting and creative images (i.e not Google) the should be ok. All the other questions look fine, hope that helps :)
  5. Thank you everyone for all of your ideas :)

    I am planning the first few lessons at the moment and will definitely be mind mapping with them and guiding some of them away from some of the topics (I agree that 'love' and 'canine' could be bad ones for certain students!) There are lots of intervention sessions for English and Maths going on at the moment meaning I am missing a lot of students from my lessons, so not starting exam until intervention finishes. Thanks for offers of emailing - I will take you up on it once I get started as it will be really helpful to have other art teachers to discuss this with!
    Also - I have recently started using pinterest too so will have a look at your boards :)

  6. Lottes

    Lottes New commenter

    Relevant artists for -
    <u>Caged</u>: Xue Tao, Forgotten Songs- Sydney, Antony Gormley, Brooke Shaden...
    <u>Layers</u>: Jen Stark, Charles Clary, Yann Arthus Bertrand, Catherine Bertola, Robert Rauschenberg, Vhils, Pablo Lehmann, Gary Hume, Michael Craig-Martin...
    <u>Creepy Crawly</u>: Christopher Marley, Louise Bourgeois, Matthew Gale...
    <u>Love</u>: Rob Ryan, Caroline Kirton, Roy Lichtenstein...
    <u>Blooms</u>: Georgia O'Keeffe, Anya Gallaccio, Jaques Nimki, Ruth Moilliet, Van Gogh, Roxy Paine, Elin Thomas, C.L. Frost, Daniele Del Nero, Stacy Levi, Eloise Corr Danch, Jan Dunning, Karl Blossfeldt...
    <u>Health Foods</u>: Jennifer Collier, Kate Malone, Vic Vicini, Jung Jung, Margaret Dorfman...
    <u>Nightime</u>: Van Gogh, Edward Hopper, Rene Magritte, Gregory Crewdson, Su Blackwell...
  7. I think the topics this year are pretty awful, but I think health food is quite a good one because most pupils have a fridge or cupboard with things they can draw such as veg onion cut in half , cabbage, apples. Also laying out pasta,rice,etc to create interesting photographs, its all easy at hand,and plenty of magazine articles, diet, vitamins,weight etc and easily gathered resources.Archimboldo springs to mind as a relevant artist.I have loads of pupils doing love and I am already cringing at the results :) Shani
  8. Thank you! I'm doing love, and I only have Natalie Ferstendik and Andy Warhol, these artists are perfect!

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