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OCR Gateway Science B Controlled Assessments

Discussion in 'Science' started by pvogiel, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. We are thinking about changing exam boards from OCR to AQA after very unsatisfactory communication with OCR. We do not get enough support in terms of being able to speak to someone that can clarify marking criteria for controlled assessment. Would appreciate thoughts about dealings with both exam boards.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. We found the support when we were setting up our controlled assessment tasks and wanting advice on how to mark them to be disappointing or non existent. This was for OCR 21st century.
  3. sci84

    sci84 New commenter

    Anyone else concerned about pupils diluting 2M nitric acid? CLEAPSS advised me hydrochloric would be safer, but the response from my phone call to OCR was not very helpful which was basically - "it works at 0.5M and less" (it hadn't great when I tried it!). "Other schools have used 2M without a problem"!! and "So can I use hydrochloric?" "No, definitely not".
    Have any other schools done this one yet? (I have been deliberately vague to avoid giving anything away to pupils).

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