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OCR Functional Skills help!

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Circra, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Circra

    Circra New commenter


    Hope I'm posting in the correct forum here, but I figured this would be the place where most Functional Skills tutors would be.

    My organization is currently delivering OCR and C&G Functional Skills qualifications - entry level through to level 2. I've not really taught the OCR qualification before, and I'm really stuck for resources, specifically around how to teach students about the exam questions - their structure and what is expected of the students.

    I couldn't find much on the OCR website other than general teaching resources and past papers. I was hoping someone might have some hints or perhaps a link to some resources I have not been able to find?

    Thank you all.
  2. saluki

    saluki Lead commenter

    Try www.skillsworkshop.org it's a good starting point. There should be resources tailored to your students subject or interests.
  3. connie-91

    connie-91 New commenter

    Hiya! I agree with Saluki regarding Skills Workshop. I find that website extremely helpful. Study the past exam papers to determine the types of questions that will be used and the language that is used in order to familiarise your students with it.

    Also, whenever you're out and you see leaflets or free newspapers, grab them and store them. They come in very useful and students are more interested in these rather than print outs of articles.
  4. Sumstuff

    Sumstuff New commenter

    As well as being a past teacher of FS I am also a FS English moderator for OCR. My advice would be not to get too hung up on differences between OCR and C&G.

    Work with the OCR Centre Handbook and recent past papers for guidance.

    Cherry-pick resources and past papers from other awarding bodies. After all, all awarding bodies work to the same over-arching Standards.
    As Connie-91 says, use newspapers, leaflets etc. I found this really good and personally satisfying. It's real world and functional!
    Introduce IT, including Publisher and Excel so that students can be creative.
    (I even had students design resources for me!)

    I struggled to find much suitable material on Skillsworkshop or other sites. In a response to this I have uploaded a few 'real life' resources to my TES Shop and will be uploading more as I develop them. Search TES Resources for 'Sumstuff'. And that was the plug!!
  5. Babbit_Resources

    Babbit_Resources New commenter

    Hi Circra

    Sumstuff is right, they're not massively different. I've taught both (first OCR then C&G) and have been able to use the same resources each time. I think the OCR exams looks a bit less friendly but the content is much the same.

    Shameless plug No.2! I have some resources (including some free stuff) in my little shop 'emsaj79' if you'd like to have a look, but I also use Skillsworkshop too. I find topical stuff works well so that they feel that they are not just doing 'boring . . old . . I've always hated this' English. In the past I've used things like the Malala speech and used it to stimulate discussions about religion and gender equality etc. They usually have lots to say and it helps to keep them motivated when I then give them some reading questions based on the text!

    Hope that helps


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