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OCR FSMQ Additional Maths query

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by teena3, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Hi all
    Thinking of having a small group of y10s study this as an extension for them as well as making the transition to A level much easier in the future. I would run sessions after school.However the school/ dept has no money for books and wondered if there was any scheme/fund anywhere that I could apply to for a grant to help support an ordinary teacher who is giving up their spare time and using their own initiative. The money would be to provide text books and possible exam entry.
    Thanks for your suggestions.
  2. DM

    DM New commenter

    Er ... in short, no. Do you have a PTA?
  3. The OCR FSMQ actually fits in with much of the content of the OCR MEI C1 course. A colleague teaches the FSMQ at lunchtimes. He doesn't use any textbooks but he could use either the new edition C1/C2 book or the previous incarnation which I think was P1. We have spare copies of the old textbooks which you could have for free if you could collect them, but I'm in West Wales - which tends to be far away from any where!
    Our school picks up the tab for exam entry but Mr O. B. gives up his own time out of the goodness of his own big heart. I hope he is listening (and hearing!!)
  4. Thanks a lot everyone. Will try to get some money through G and T in school.
    Another query. I know UCAS points can be gained but does the student keep them if they then go on to gain an A level in maths ?

  5. Following on from mathsteacher 1953
    I do indeed teach this course during 2 lunchtimes a week during year 11.
    Don't worry about the large number of pupils starting the course, they will weed themselves out when the going gets tough. I usually start with about 3o but they soon drop down to a manageable 15 or 16. I let anybody 'drop' within the first two months with no hard feelings, but I would be reluctant to lose anybody nobecause they have broken the back of it.
    I tend not to rigorously mark work but do spend time recapping excercises or simply giving out answers for the pupils to check, they are pretty much self motivating.
    I use Val Hanrahan's 'Additional Mathematics for OCR' as a teachers resourceon which to base my lessons on. Also MEI resources is useful for additional resources. If you can afford it/already subscribe then you could also enrol the pupils, I tend to use it as a source of additional materials.
    Any C1 /C2 text book is fine as long as you don't get carried away, you will need to supplement for linear programming, suvat, ds/dt , dv/dt and binomial probabilities. The A level section of mymaths is quite useful. These are the resurces I use but then I am very old fashioned (traditional and boring ) in my approach, as I am pressed for time I cannot engage in all sing and dancing lessons.
    On ploy I have used is a couple of half day sessins in the holidays (you would ba amazed of the lure of a cup of coffee and a hungry caterpillar cake from Morrisons). I also persuaded senior management to release me from my teaching commitments on the day before the exam for a crammer session. I have achieved some good results with grades ranging from A to E, but all the pupils really feel the benefit when it came to starting A level (they also all tend to get an A* in their normal maths)
    Regarding the UCAS points, when I posed the question at the INSET I seem to remember that the poits will stand if the pupil does not go on to accrue further UCAS points in maths, therefore A level maths will negate FSMQ UCAS points.
  6. Nice info given above
    You also have ten ticks level 9/10 which covers a lot of it and the MEP CIMT resources which can be good
  7. Thanks again everyone. Really helpful advice.

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