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OCR Food tech J302 - raw grade boundaries

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Ilovetravel, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Ilovetravel

    Ilovetravel New commenter


    Could someone please confirm for me that all units (a521-a524) hold RAW marks out of 60? Total 240.


  2. I'm a bit confused here about what you are asking. CAs are worth 120 each and exam 80 each for the final grading. However thet CAs are marked out of 60 to start withand then doubledby the exam board and the exam is also out of 60 but then is changed so out of 80. Tthe final grade is therefore out of 400. All the info is there on the site though you ned a password for the intranet bit.
    There are slightyly different grade boundaries each time though and then the marks get adjusted so that for instance you need 240 = for a C grade (out of 400)
  3. Ilovetravel

    Ilovetravel New commenter

    So you agree that each is out of 60?
    The grade boundaries that you refer to ouf of 400 are the UMS. I've use the raw boudaries from June 2011 to get the grades using the 60 max marks.
    Just need someone to confirm that this is correct and i think you have?!


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