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OCR Food & Nutrition

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by jillyo, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. Is anyone willing to share their SOW for the above. We are looking at possibly changing in Sep 09 from food technology and would really like to look at a SOW or an overview before mking our final decision next week
    many thanks

  2. We are also thinking of swapping to Food and Nutrition from Food Technolgy.. I would also be interested to see a SOW for Food and Nutrition if anyone is kind enough to let me have a look. Is the Food and Nutrition exam harder for less able students- there looks to be more open ended questions? Any advice geatfully received.
  3. I teach this OCR Food and Nut and I think it is fantastic - I would be happy to share the SoW I use but it is a very non conventional SoW as the one I was given when I was training (last year) was about 20 years old and I haent re written it yet. I am happy to share with you the materials I have and answer any questions. Email me: l.e.webber@gmail.com

    The name - there are tiered papers so if you have a student who struggles with open ended questions then they can be entered for the foundation paper (highest grade - C). The "essay" style questions are not open ended really - they give quite specific areas to discuss.

  4. almika have e-mailed you - thanks

    I along with others attended the OCR session on Friday in London

    From Sep 09

    one entry level only, paper worth 40% of overal marks, 90min paper, Five questions of which 1 is open ended essay style question

    Do not know atm how this compares with AQA

  5. I know this is an old post but i've just been given the go ahead to start OCR Food and Nutrition and any information that people have SOW etc would be handy -
  6. Mimii

    Mimii New commenter

    Hello, I know this is a really old thread, but am absolutely desperate here..

    I have been teaching KS3 Food Tech (alongside Art, Textiles, PD etc) for 3 years. I'm now going into my 4th year of teaching and will have a Y10 OCR Food and Nutrition group. There's another class too (both have 24 students) who will be taught by the head of food.

    We have been with AQA for years, this is the first OCR year, so I'm not even sure the head of food knows what we are doing.

    I have NO idea how work should be presented. Do they make notes? Do I mark the notes? I can't seem to find any exemplar coursework. Coming from GCSE Art and Design, I'm having a really hard time with the idea of this coursework style. According to my head of food, they will make notes into folders.. Is that going to be presented as part of the 60%? Or is it to help them make revision material for Y11?

    I'm really sorry this doesn't make much sense. I'm having a really panicky time over here.

    My email is beaumont.of.belmont@gmail.com - I would LOVE any help, any advice, anything! Please!

    Thank you, Mimi.

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