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OCR Expressive Arts - Help Please

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by laurac13, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I am teaching OCR Expressive Arts for the first time next year (I have been teaching GCSE and A-Level Drama for over 5 years now) and have been looking at the material and spec on the OCR website. The course looks really interesting and fun to teach except I can't seem to find many schemes of work/resources for the course apart from the two already on the website.
    If anyone has any schemes/resources/advice they can offer me I'd really appreciate it!!
    Thank you!
  2. Hi

    I am also in this situation and would also really appreciate any schemes/advice/resources. Laurac13 - did you get any response and advice etc? I am not sure what approach to take either as I am a music teacher.
  3. Hi DeucisarWild.

    My colleague and I wrote two schemes - one for A691 and one for A692. I can send them over to you if you want? Send me you email address!
  4. We'd love to help you with your schemes of work. We also offer a great workshop on the combining of artforms if you are interested in offering that to your students. Message us with any further questions!
  5. Hello there - are you still delivering the OCR Expressive Arts course? I would be interested in linking up with you if you are. Regards
  6. Hi laurac13

    That would be great

    My email is jingohull@aol.com

    Many Thanks in anticipation :)
  7. Has anyone got schemes they would be willing to share. I am currently writing an introduction to the course, looking at Areas of Study but if anyone else have anything I would be so grateful.

    Email is mallard_jules@hotmail.com :) TIA x
  8. Could I have a copy? email mallard_jules@hotmail.com TIA x
  9. I would be grateful for a copy as well email turnerm@shtc.org.uk

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