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OCR Controlled Assessment

Discussion in 'History' started by Max5, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Max5

    Max5 New commenter

    I have received via schoolhistory the suggestion of 'how far was mass production the most important development 1919-29' which I am considering. I think I could get students to make comparisons with such social changes as impact of Prohibition, role of women, intolerance to immigrants, segregration & discrimination, car industry etc. It could also enable students to make links between topics so they could show the impact of mass production on some of the other changes.
    What do you think?
  2. How far was the start of the Second World War the most important event during the period 1919-1941?
    Wall Street Crash
    New Deal
    Second New Deal
    Not really many to choose from but surely WSC or New Deal would be the best option.
  3. Max5

    Max5 New commenter

    I certainly started by thinking the New Deal was the most obvious factor to use in the question but I do like the idea of focusing on more of the social changes & mass production simply because students can make comparisons & links. And I could do with a break from the New Deal! My students would struggle using WW2 as a comparison point as we only go up to 1941 & don't cover many aspects of the impact of WW2.
  4. How far did mass production have a benefical impact on peoples lives in the period 1919 -1960
    what do you think
  5. got a reply from OCR consultant
    Is the following question ok
    How far was mass production the most important development during the period 1919-1941?

    Thank you for your proposed question. At present it is far too vague;
    you need to make it clear that the argument should be limited to the
    USA! So it needs a slight amendment: “How far was mass production the
    most important development in the USA during the period 1919-1941?”
    This would be acceptable for the 2013 question, and is certainly more
    manageable. However, there is still a lot for candidates to discuss and
    you may wish to consider limiting the question to the 1920s, which would
    also be acceptable.


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