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OCR Controlled Assessment

Discussion in 'History' started by Max5, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Max5

    Max5 New commenter

    [​IMG]Anyone got any dazzling or even half decent ideas for a good question for the Controlled Assessment for 2012? I am doing the Study in Depth on the USA 1919-41 & have the question A Study in Depth: Why was (were) there X (e.g. tension, conflict, hatred, differences) between Y and Z
    (e.g. two or more groups within a society or two countries) during the period A (an appropriate period of time)?

    Any and all help and ideas appreciated as I think this will involve a lot of re writing from last year!

  2. What did you do last year?
  3. Max5

    Max5 New commenter

    Last year was more straight forward - we did how far did the lives of American people change 1919-1941. Loads of areas to potentially to include and it fitted the SOW & the OCR question well. Are you doing something similiar?
  4. Max5

    Max5 New commenter

    Yes please! I think we may look at how far the Crash was the most important event as it will allow us to look at a wide range of changes, political, social & economic but I am not settled with this task yet. What has OCR approved for you?

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