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ocr child development

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by alwayssmiling, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. I know this is a little cheeky but does anybody have a scheme of work or lesson plans I may look at for the ocr gcse child development course?
    Due to start teaching it next year and want to start preparing as old teacher left sudenly so nobody to talk it over with!!
    HELP please!! :)

  2. I know this is a little cheeky but does anybody have a scheme of work or lesson plans I may look at for the ocr gcse child development course?
    Due to start teaching it next year and want to start preparing as old teacher left sudenly so nobody to talk it over with!!
    HELP please!! :)

  3. Hi I took over from retiring teacher last year and have had to write scheme as I go along. Its not per fet. Let me have your email and will send them to you. Will add how I have coverd the resource tasks in the year as well. What year will you be teaching?
  4. Hi Gypsey,
    I am not alwayssmiling! but i would really like a copy if possible? I am setting up the course ready for Sept. I will of course send back the sow i make them and any resources info

    My email is


    Thanks muchly xx
  5. Hi can I have a copy too please! I made a post earlier in the week regarding this, but I didn't get many responses. I'm willing to swap anything that may be useful to you, though there isn't much!


    Thank you!
  6. I do have one in draft format that I will forward - send an e-mail to my address & I will return it - not until next week though as it is all on my laptop and it has gone to the "hospital" to be fixed!
  7. Oh please please please could I also have a copy of Child development SOW. I could share any resources that I have so it is useful for both.

    My email is kristtux@hotmail.com

    Thank you!
  8. Sorry not responding before could not get on to this site for some obscure reason but would still greatly appreciate the work anything I do I will send you a copy have discovered a resource file specifcally for OCR child developemnt "Child Development" Jean Marshall and Sue Stuart (r=the folder not the book) quite expenxive but appears to be a good resource!!
    email is vickibrown1@btinternet.com
    Many thanks for everything!!
    Guess it will be a busy summer holidays for me remind me with the stack of work is it 5 weeks or 5 months????
  9. By the way teaching 9's early taster option, 10's and 11's about 30 year 9's, 2 classes of about 28 in each of year 10's and 11's so a lot of kids one of the more popular options!!
  10. The Sue Stuart textbook makes a fairly good starting place for a SOW plus there is a file of copyable resources that goes with it which contains articles and activities as well as help with coursework.
  11. sam2004

    sam2004 New commenter

    Would i be able to obtain a scheme of work for the OCR GCSE Child Development that i could look at for guidance as I've never taught the GCSE but have taught BTEC Nationals Early Years for over 6 years. Also, do anybody recommend any good DVDs for the course also and other materials.

  12. Oh really

    Oh really New commenter

    Hi - have just taught my first year of ocr child development - on both 3 and 2 ppw - more than welcome to have SOW and anything else required - generally lessons all have gone well - at this school we are just bringing in gcse's to y9's so a little hectic - if you'd like please reply - www.takeitslow@tiscali.co.uk
  13. sam2004

    sam2004 New commenter

    You stated that you had taught the OCR on both 3 and 2 and wondered if it was possible to obtain a copy of your SOW, generally, the lesson planning is fine, but looking for ideas really, as it is a big adjustment for me.

    As i have said taught Child Development extensively at KS5 on the BTEC and CACHE courses, as well as Health and Social Care, so if want anything in exchange, let me know.

    Did try to email you, but was returned
  14. I have been given the same task of starting course in 2 weeks have written part of scheme of work but remain confused re completion and order and would really appreciate lesson plans Any help more than welcome.....

  15. please please please could i have a copy of the SOW asap. This will be a lifesaver. Anything i can give in return please ask.

  16. did you get a copy?
    just found out year 10 and 11 dont have a scheme here and have never taught it before could you send me a copy please.
    Thanks alot,
  17. Hi I I was reading your posts from a few years ago and was wondering if you still have any resources/ SOW/lesson plans from the OCR child debvelopment course. Sorry to be asking, its just Im a one man band and its often a little difficult when you begin a new course!
    Thanks Nadia
  19. Hi!

    I'm going to start teaching OCR Child Development in Sept - the current teacher has already left and have been handed an out of date dusty old file thats no help at all!

    Just wondered if any of you still had resources / SoW /lesson ideas / templates - to help me on my way!

    Anything at all would be gratefully recieved! :)

    Thanks Lizzie

    Email: lizzieroffey@hotmail.co.uk

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