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OCR Child Development GCSE....Help!

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by struthruth, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. I've just discovered I'm teaching 2 GCSE child development groups next year having never taught it before. The course is new to the school and it seems its me and one other who have drawn the short straw. I've been given the spec from the website, but that it. I'm a Food Tech teacher and I think somehow/ someone thinks that that coupled with being a parent means I can do it. I would really appreciate some advice on texts / resources or even the beginnings of a SOW
    thanks in advance
    Struth [​IMG]
  2. Hi - First don't panic - it is a lovely course to teach - I am now in my second year with OCR having previously been with AQA for 4 years. Am also a food teacher & I like the combination and I introduced it as a new subject to my new school 2 years ago.
    We all have new specs for Sep - so think you will find we are all writting new SOW etc. Get yourself booked on a study day with OCR - they are usually in the autumn term and you will find at least 4 or 5 people in the same boat as you - I remember going one year and there were several teachers who had found they were teaching it on the first day back!
    First make sure you have a budget for the subject - otherwise they will expect you to pay for it out of your food budget. Text books are being re-written -
    Heinemann Child Development by Marshall, Stuart & Robins
    Hodder Educ. Child development for GCSE by Carolyn Meggitt
    are the two which have just come out - get a copy of each and decide which one you like best and then get a class set.
    I will be happy to link up off list - leave your e-mail
  3. HI I have taught child dev for two years with OCR and am just getting to terms with it, I am maths qualified and seemed strange when SLT 'asked' me to take over from a retiring teacher especially when the maths team are down on teachers but I think it maybe the fact that the whole course needed an new approach, it had been taught with death by worksheet and my style is interactive, group work etc and probably once I have it up and running will be given to someone else. In saying that I have enjoyed the challenge and being a parent has helped but there are things I have to look at before I go into class.
    Anyway am just writing the new SoW now have done an overview which I will email to you (can you let me have your address) have managed to write in three controlled assessments and the child study but at the moment it is very brief, and my resources are limited.
    I agree with the post buy both books I have for my own use but school cannot afford a class set or so they say!

  4. Hi would you be willing to share this as I have not got that far yet with the new spec - I also took over in my first school from someone who just read them a chapter and told them to answer the questions for every lesson AND then wondered why she had problems.
    I have quite a few Powerpoint presentations that I would be willing to share and resources too.

  5. Hi can you email me so I can send you some resources, sow etc I don't come onto Tes that often but check emails daily

  6. thank you all. I've order a copy of the textbooks suggested
    my e-mail is rfarrell@wsgfl.org.uk
    R [​IMG]
  7. Hiya- I am taking over Health and Social care and Child Development (both OCR)in Sept. I have been on the courses for both- but that was in march. (can remember very little). I have 2 concerns that I hope someone can shed light on for me.
    1- controlled assessment- how are other people implementing this? Any advice would be gratefully received.
    2.Investigative tasks- they say no research is to be included or at least credited- but I have tried to write guidance for one of the investigative tasks and am struggling to see how research can not be included.
    Again any ideas would be gratefully received.
  8. TC7


    I have also been teaching OCR Childcare and Development for many years. I find it quite difficult to get the students to do enough detail to get A/B grades. I see they have increased the coursework to 60% and as I don't always get the best students as its 'childcare', the written work is a struggle. I am going to be very upfront with controlled assessment making sure they are prepared for each writing up or practical session before it happens, the only thing which I will find difficult is those students who are absent frequently as keeping tags on their hours will just add to my problems. I am in the middle of writing a two year SOW as requested by my Hd of Dept, but its slow going. I know now I have a computer room for 2 lessons each two weeks.I have'nt managed to get on a course, but the new text book is helpful. I fail to see much difference between practical and short tasks because you will need written evidence for marking. Can anyone offer any other help on the tasks.
  9. Have you spotted in the Heinemann new book they are offering free resources to teachers - see page 5 - they are a bit basic and not very many but a start
    Wondering if they will do this for other subjects??

  10. If you go to the OCR website you can log onto the interchange which will give you access to the exemplar material. You need to get your exams officer to set up the password for you. Its a helpful place and you can check the live materials for sept.
  11. Hi,
    I will really appreciate resources,SOW etc to help me deliver the child dev course.Teaching it for the first time and really will be grateful for your help.
  12. Hi I am a Health and Social care teacher so am teaching the new spec and the old spec to two sep year groups, I have one class that is very very weak so after looking at alternatives have put them onto the child development course as I thought it might be a bit easier for them. I have managed to get on the course in Doncaster in Dec but would also appreciate any help as I have never taught it before. S.O.W or anything would be gratefully recieved although I will more than likely get sample ones from the course.
  13. Hi, I would also appreciate the SOW or any resources/guidance if possible - have taught H&SC (BTEC) for two years and am about to begin OCR GCSE Child Development - thank you!


  14. Can i just throw a suggestion in? Change to AQA. I've been doing OCR for 7 years and the new spec means you will be marking 4 pieces of coursework for each pupil. It leaves very little time for any practice pieces. My pupils are bored with the repetitive nature of the short tasks. At a recent OCR meeting I went to there were many of us (3/4 of the room) who'd had our marks seriously adjusted (i have never had any marks adjusted, ever! And i'm a notoriously harsh marker!). I moved my current year 10 to AQA in December (very similar spec) and have already had better quality coursework. Sorry, just thinking of your sanity with two groups! x
  15. I am more than willing to help anyoe teaching child development. I have plenty of resources some of which are on here. There is little differnce between exam boards with regards to subject content and so I can help if you are struggling with this. As regards controlled assessments I teach AQA.
  16. Hi, I wonder if you could help me! Ive been 'given' child development from Sept 2012 when I return from maternity leave - 2 classes yr 10 and yr 11. The retiring teacher is not being forthcoming with her resources and aside from having had a baby recently I do not know hardly anything about the content and SOW plans etc. I have managed to extract a text book from said retiring teacher but thats it so far! Anything would be good - I am a food/textiles teacher usually btw....thanks in anticipation,
    if you prefer, my email is lottiecm@hotmail.co.uk
  17. let me know what you need and I will forward what I have.
  18. That would be really helpful, thanks Sarah.
    my email is alli.zionts@gmail.com
  19. Hi Jane, if you could please send me what you have in terms of SOW / help for the Unit 2/3, I'll look into changing - I have to let the exams officer know by the end of the month, so I'll be doing insane research between now and then!

    alli.zionts@gmail.com. Would be more than happy to give you anything I could help you with as well.
  20. Hi there, I'd love it if you could fwd it to me - most helpful! I have very little time to prep as Ive had a baby and have 2 other kids..Trying to do teaching job aswell may prove a challenge. Sorry I didn't reply sooner either, I kept looking at my tes inbox but replys don't seem to get flagged there!

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