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OCR Cambridge Technicals L3 in IT - Unit 1

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by kathley, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. kathley

    kathley New commenter


    We are teaching this course in September and I am setting up the coursework etc. for Unit 1. I don't have a problem with Learning Objectives 1,2 & 4 but cannot figure out what we need to do for LO3. I would be really grateful of any help on this in terms of coursework and assessments.

    Thanking you in anticipation.
  2. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    Have a look at BTEC level 3 unit 1 may give you some ideas on the pass after that its only explain and justifying which are straight forward (hope that helps)
  3. I've been doing this course for 3 years now and our moderator always comments on how well we do with unit 1. Here is a break down for each of the AOs:


    P1 - Write a report covering all the attributes explaining what each one of them is and why it is valued by employers

    P2 - Find/choose 3 different IT job roles (i have a bank of job roles on the network for the students to choose from). Create a table comparing the skills and experience required for each one and write a paragraph to explain why the skills and experiences differ.


    P2, P3, D1 - Create a presentation to explain the principles of effective communication, the barriers and how to reduce the barriers

    P4 - Students take part in 3 different tasks. 1 - Mock job interview for and ICT technician job at the school. 2 - Presentation to a group of peers about their own 5 year plan. 3 - Helping out at Open Evening, meeting and speaking to parents and prospective students. For each task the students write an evaluation and i either write a witness statement or record the interview/presentation. In preparation for the mock interviews i get the students to create a leaflet about job interviews to be displayed in the 6th form centre.


    P5 - is covered by all the other tasks (report for P1. Presentation for P2, P3, D1. Presentation for P4. CV and covering letter for P4. Interview leaflet for P4).

    M2, D2 - For each of the resources created for P5 students explain their choice of IT and justify why they used it. This can be done in a table. I also get students to annotate their work to explain why they have made certain decisions on design.

    P6 - Covered by the leaflet on interviews, presentation on 5 year plan.


    P7, M3 - in preparation for the mock job interview students carry out a skills audit on themselves. From this they identify 3 areas that they need to improve.

    P8 - Students work to improve the 3 areas, this is usually done through the P4 tasks such as improve confidence in interviews, more experience of speaking to different audiences. Carry out an interim and final review for each student.

    M3 - Covered in the skills audit and PDP. I also get the students to annotate the job advert and job description for the ICT technician job they are applying for.

    Hope this helps. Contact me if you want any resources that i have
  4. kathley

    kathley New commenter

    Hi sfrith. Really grateful for your help in this. I have decided to go for Unit 2 first followed by Unit 23 and then do Unit 1 in the new year so I can get my head around it. I would also be grateful for any resources you feel you would be happy to contribute, maybe through TES, but I don't want to appear to be stealing stuff. Regards Kathley.
  5. Unit 2 is quite dry and is probably the one we struggle with most. We don't do unit 23 but we do teach unit 42 which is quite nice. I will look to upload some resources.

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