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OCR Cambridge Technicals IT Level 3 - Scheme of Work

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by kathley, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. kathley

    kathley New commenter

    We are starting this from new in September and I have created a scheme of work for the first 3 units. I have decided to run 2 units concurrently (U1 & U23 database design) is this a wise decision or should I run them sequentially? Any help would be gratefully received.

  2. Insomnia77

    Insomnia77 New commenter

    It was my first year this year. You don't have to do unit 1 and unit 2 compulsory units in one year but i did it in case some of my year 12 had to leave at the end of AS for whatever reason. The way i did it, Unit 2 L04 and Unit 23 db works together to demonstrate software skills. Unit 1 and unit 2 are big units and hard ones to do in the first year. next year, unit 1 will be exam though.... hope that helps. Look for Cambridge Technicals level 3 group on facebook.
  3. misscain21

    misscain21 New commenter

    I don't suppose you would like to share your SOW for unit 1 and 2 - Im really struggling for time.
  4. mollythecat

    mollythecat New commenter

  5. mollythecat

    mollythecat New commenter

    We are running this for the first time starting in September. I think we will run the two exam units in the first year for the same reasons as Insomnia77. Not sure how this will work. I would also like help on any SOW as this has been a struggle.
    Thank you

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