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OCR Cambridge National in Business and Enterprise

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by Ellis78, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Ellis78

    Ellis78 New commenter

    Evening all.

    I wanted to get a feel for people's views on the Cambridge National in Business and Enterprise course.

    I am hearing conflicting views from teachers and am thinking of leaving the course. The examination, with three 8/10 mark questions is somewhat tough given the calibre of student that prefers the more vocational course.

    Also the marking of R062/63, subjective as the OCR assessment structure is, has been marked down because of being too lenient. Add to this I'm hearing that a number of centres are being questioned for malpractice due to writing frames being used.

    This course has the potential to be a fantastic course but appears to be imploding from within....

    Any thoughts????

  2. mr business

    mr business New commenter


    I've started teaching this course. Have you got any good resources you would be willing to share?

    Kindest regards,

    Mr Business
  3. mononoke

    mononoke New commenter

    Hi Ellis78,

    I thought the January exam last year was very tricky and the year 10 students I entered for it didn't fair so well.

    The entire specification is very vague and doesn't really give any insight as to what content you should be teaching. I have been using the exemplar student material as a way of gauging what content the students should be putting into their coursework.

    Also im unsure as to what constitutes a writing frame.

    Surely it is ok to inform the students what content should be in the work and the best way to present it?

    What are you thoughts on this? Also, do you have any students doing the exam this January? Have you had a chance to look at the case study.

  4. BabsL

    BabsL New commenter

    I entered my top 8 pupils for the January 2015 exam. They did not achieve as well as predicted and 7 were entered for the June 2015 exam. Overall the cohort achieved 33% level 2 which was a huge disappointment. I am entering the current cohort in January and June next year. The next cohort has been changed to GCSE. My RO62 and RO63 grades were all marked down. I cannot wait to complete the course and move on. Worst course I have ever taught.

    Kenns case study in on the OCR website. Seems better than the nightmare fireworks case study this summer.
  5. teachface

    teachface New commenter

    This is my first year of delivering the course. IOne of the reasons we chose the course was because the marking guidelines seemed much clearer than BTEC, worrying to read this may not be the case. How many students were sampled for your grades to be marked down? and how many marks were they dropped by?

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