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OCR Business Studies J253 ? Full Course - Scheme of Work

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by galloisedog, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. galloisedog

    galloisedog New commenter

    I'm starting teaching this in September, but as an NQT and only Business Studies teacher in the school, I'm more than a little nervous.
    I know there is a very basic scheme of work from the exam board for each unit;
    <font size="5" face="Arial">Unit A291: Marketing and Enterprise
    <font size="5" face="Arial">Unit A292: Business and People
    <font size="5" face="Arial">Unit A293: Production, Finance and the External Business Environment
    However, if there is anyone out there willing to share a scheme of work and/or any resources/ideas, then I'd be eternally grateful.
    Thank you in advance
  2. galloisedog

    galloisedog New commenter

    Sorry, no idea what happened to the font there.
  3. Hi there i can possibly be of assistance. We have run the course for the first time this year and are running it next year too. I am writing the controlled assignment at the moment. We have SOW, lessons and resources that i can give you.

    I'm based in Yorkshire, where abouts are you?
    My email is sandhubally@hotmail.com

  4. Please can you forward me a copy as well. Thanks [​IMG]
  5. I would really appreciate a copy too. Could you please forward one to knbsbs@aol.com?
  6. I would be most grateful if you could help me with some stuff on the controlled assignment as I am finding it a little difficult to get started.
    my email is griffiths_tim@hotmail.com
    Regards Tim
  7. If you could forward it on to me as well I would be forever in your debt.

    Happy to send you a copy of our GCSE resources in return.

  8. Hi
    I would be grateful if I can have any resouces such as SoW and the new June 2010 controlled assessment material. My email address is: teacher_mr_dhillon@hotmail.com
    I am happy to pass on resources as I make them.

    Many thanks in advance,
    Mr Dhillon.
  9. Would be really grateful if you could send to me as well. I am based in birmingham and could send you other resources on return. Email bus.teacher2010@googlemail.com
  10. I am starting teaching OCR GCSE Business Studies in September and i wondered if anyone had a scheme of work i could look at. Also are there any good resources/books to buy that are useful for the course.
  11. Hi

    I am also teaching Business Studies A291, A292 and A293 and desperately looking for a SofW that is more comprehensive than the exam board one, can you help please?

    I have resources for the topics and if you wish can email them to you, no worries.

    Thanks in advance

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