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OCR AS Music Harmony Exercises

Discussion in 'Music' started by pink1985, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. Hello there!
    Just wondering if anyone could help me out with some info on the OCR AS Harmony Exercises!
    I am due to commence teaching the course (alone) for the first time this September - slightly daunted!! Although I've put together the scheme of work and got most of the resources sorted, I am still slightly baffled about what pieces to choose for the harmony exercises?
    I've recently bought "OCR Harmony Workbook" (published by Rhiengold Ed.) and there are a few examples in that, particularly for four-part writing however, I don't know what else would be good to use?
    If you have any suggestions, I would be very grateful!
    Many thanks, Pink
  2. Hi - did you ever get any responses to this?! Or as I see it's an older post, what did you end up choosing? I'm in the same boat and have bought the books but don't really know which style of musics to go with - examiners report says 2-3 Bach chorales, but doesn't have much other advice or info. I'd be really grateful for some pointers...



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