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OCR AS ICT G062 coursework task 6 (database) - argggh!!!

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by gavcradd, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. gavcradd

    gavcradd New commenter

    Right, I'm rapidly getting fed up with this task - it seems ridiculously complex for AS ICT students. I've got it covered myself, but I think I must have gone around the houses because my version seems very, very complex. I've no idea how the poor souls that have chosen ICT AS level this year will get their heads around it.
    For those not in the know, the first 5 tasks are very simple, then OCR hit you with a 6th task that more than makes up for that. It's a relational database for a school library (no problem), with reports, data entry forms, etc (also no problem). However, the bit about calculating the fines that are payable on books is the difficult bit - a book is overdue after 14 days, then the fine increases by 20p a day, but only on school days - weekends and holidays (dates given in a separate table) do not count.
    The only way I can see of doing it, and the way I've done it, is to create a VBA function that takes the date loaned and the current date, then loops around each day in that array to check whether it's a weekday (using the weekday() function) and whether it's a school day (by comparing it to the term time table). It then adds 0.2 onto a variable if this all matches. When all of the dates have been checked, it returns the overall fine.
    I've just given this task to my Computing students as practice, who are all making a good job of it as I type, but this is for ICT students! Have I missed out a really simple way of doing it?
  2. gavcradd

    gavcradd New commenter

    I should add that my Computing students are making a good job of it as we've covered functions, iteration, selection, arrays, etc over the previous 6 months. I can't see how I could fit this in to the next 2 months for ICT students who (generally) don't want to program.
  3. That task has appeared before in OCR AS ICT coursework. If memory serves it was about 2003 and only one or two of my class then completed it fully. If I had had the foresight to keep the work of the girl, an exceptional student, who did this so well I would be able to help further but I do know she completed the task alone (ahem!) without the use of VB and by using the weekday function. Sadly, it's so long ago since I retired and did anything meaningful with Access I can't help you further.
  4. We took a different approach, and rewrote the problem. We made our own simple version of fining after 14 days and then left it at that. Pupils will get most marks for the coursework and some for the last bit, but I'm not about to try and get AS students who's targets range from C to E (with one A) to do this very very complex problem - did no one check this exam paper before releasing it (again)? Who monitors exam boards? They need to be sacked (again).
    Have you logged on to the OCR forums? There are moans galore about this question. One student told me that a solution is doing the rounds on in the Student Room as well as YouTube so I'm sure any pupils who searched there periodically will be fine. My pupils are angels and would not look at videos which went through the solution for them ....
    Mind you, why students have to do coursework where the solution is detailed for them in a video, is beyond me. What is the point of it? You can't stop kids from using YouTube and the solution was publically available back in October so why are they still having to jump through hoops?

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