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OCR AS Business studies June 2015 F292 exam - the TQM 20 mark question

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by paulchapman, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. Can anyone help, as i am in a dilemma ? One of my students got zero out of 20 in the last quesion on the F292 exam (Que Rico Ltd) about Total Quality Management. He wrote two sides in context and seemed to refer to the 'culture of quality' across the whole organisation, showed some application and attempted analysis and evaluation, but the eaxaminer just kept writing 'TV' all the time (meaning too vague) and the student got a zero marks overall. I feel that this overuse of 'TV' is very subjective.

    Overall the student just got enough marks on the paper to scrape a B (thanks to the low grade boundaries this year)

    I have got the paper back and considering going for a remark but have heard that a lot of papers are receiving lower marks following remarks . Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If you teach OCR business studies and feel the AS F292 exam was marked particularly harshly let me know (however, i noticed the raw grade boundaries were MUCH lower in this exam this year !)
  2. Hi there.

    Having looked at our results break down, quite a few of my students significantly under performed in this exam and interestingly this same question. As far as I know though, you can't ask for a remark of a paper if you have had had the paper went on to you from the exam board.

    Some of mine are going to resist, but the the majority did really well in F291 so not bothering.

    Sorry not much help!

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