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OCR - anyone else having a nightmare?!?!

Discussion in 'English' started by mikehorton2511, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. We too have had a nightmare with our January results, though with the Information and Ideas unit. We only entered our more able students, expecting at least 70% A*-C and ended up with less than half that. What's worst are the bizarre discrepancies between higher and foundation tier results, which suggested our most able students within the cohort were weaker than a large number of our foundation tier students. Students predicted A grades have attained D/Es.

    I can only echo what Markuss has written. Paul Dodd has so far been sympathetic and helpful, stating both of Markuss's points above, but this doesn't resolve a very concerning issue. We have requested a remark for some students and are awaiting the outcome before deciding how to proceed.
  2. You have no idea how reassuring it is to read these posts! We have been so disillusioned for exactly the same reasons as stated by everyone else. Our students also studied OMAM for their first Controlled Assessment in November (English Language) and achieved marks that were generally as predicted (and moderated with our County Adviser) However, students who achieved A grades have achieved U grades for the Literature exam based on the same text! We are struggling to find an answer. The scripts have been re-marked and not one has moved up a grade. We also made the decision to change from AQA to OCR, but after this experience, we will be seriously thinking of changing back for September.
  3. <font face="Calibri">I don't know whether these posts make me feel better or worse! I'd really like to hear from anyone who entered students for a retake or appealed the results. We entered our students for the June exam and have been horrified by the results. Our students completed a controlled assessment on the same text, just a few weeks before, and we were pleased with the outcome. We have a number of very experienced teachers, and one of our teachers has been an exam marker for a number of years, yet the students have received 3-4 grades lower than in their controlled assessment. We are absolutely at a loss as to why this would be the case. There is clearly some problem here as a number of teachers have posted comments on the OCR e-community. I would really appreciate hearing from anyone about this matter. </font>
  4. We had similar experience with our Year 10 Information and Ideas entries in January.Results were shocking, we assumed it was in part our fault for entering too early. We are now planning to re-enter all candidates this January. I'm seriously dismayed to read Smile2011's post. Has anyone else had similar results from the June entries? (My son is due to sit the exam in January). His school also use this board, so I'm doubly anxious!!
  5. sunflower48

    sunflower48 New commenter

    We are with WJEC and as with other schools put Year 10 in early for unit 1 and 2. Results are as we expected. All higher tier achieved well. Better results on unit 1 than on unit 2, but no Us at all.
    We used past papers from the legacy specification for revision tasks which seem to have worked.
    At the moment more than happy with WJEC, but then time will tell if I feel this way this time next year!!!
  6. Hi there,
    If you have concerns about disappointing results in any unit of the OCR GCSE English/English Language/English Literature specifications, initially this needs to be pursued by making result enquiries on a sample of candidates - ideally this should be 10% of the entry as this would then allow further work to be carried out if marks change. Details of the JCQ criteria for result enquiries are set out in the JCQ Post-Results services booklet.
    The course of action also gives you access to the formal appeals procedure if you remain unhappy after the result enquiry has taken place. The result enquiry review tests the reliability of the original marking. If the mark scheme has not been applied correctly, marks will change and the enquiry may be extended to other candidates according to the JCQ criteria. If the original marking is confirmed, OCR is keen to offer support to Centres at a difficult time. In addition to the INSET training already advertised, there will be regional meetings in the autumn focusing on the GCSE English/English Language Unit A680 (Information and Ideas) and the GCSE English Literature Unit A664 (Literary Heritage Prose and Contemporary Poetry). We are also happy to arrange visits to individual schools to offer further guidance and advice and to address specific concerns.
    Centres with concerns should contact the GCSE English Qualification Managers directly:
    GCSE English and English Language: charmaine.richards@ocr.org.uk
    GCSE English Literature: andrew.bradford@ocr.org.uk
    Best wishes,
    The English Team

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