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OCR Ancient History

Discussion in 'Classics' started by mansonlovescats, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. mansonlovescats

    mansonlovescats New commenter

    Hi all - need some advice on the Greek depth studies for the new spec.

    I have been teaching the old OCR Ancient History spec for several years, and am the only one in my department who teaches it. This means that I have to decide which of the depth study options to teach in September, and I can't begin to decide! We currently teach the Athenian Democracy unit, but our students don't general find it very engaging, though it is very straightforward - so I know that I don't particularly want to carry the module on - and even with the changes made on the new spec to include more cultural areas, I think we need a change. So far ok.

    However, the choice between the 'Society and Politics of Sparta' and the 'Rise of Macedon' is throwing me. I know more about Sparta, but the issues around students latching onto '300' concerns me. The Rise of Macedon would follow on the period study better (which is the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars), but I know little about the content or the sources!

    How have other teachers found these topics, in whichever guise/spec they have taught on? Thanks!
  2. sabrinakat

    sabrinakat Star commenter

    I don't do Ancient History but you could a) contact OCR for information from their subject specialists or b) attend a workshop - a flyer came through from a well-respected company that deals with OCR GCSE, A-levels and if I remember, there were one or two on Clas Civ/Ancient History. As I am moving to WJEC, I only glanced through it but if I can remember the name....
  3. sabrinakat

    sabrinakat Star commenter

    It's called Keynote Educational, which doesn't seem to discuss the GCSE Ancient History but does the other OCR GCSEs and the A/AS across the OCR range....

    There are also various workshops for students and teachers through Cambridge University's Classics Outreach which might be helpful - I have seen Teacher friendly ones across A-level but one or two regarding GCSEs. You could contact their outreach person to forward your question to one of their faculty. I found them brilliant at one workshop on the Classical Civilisation GCSE changes last year. (I was at Oxford myself which also does Outreach to teachers but my most recent experience has been through Cambridge).

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