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OCR A2 Geographical Skills

Discussion in 'Geography' started by chris_white, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Hi there
    I am going to be teaching the Geographical Skills unit to an A2 class and have never had any experience of teaching this aspect of the A level before. I was hoping people may be able to give me some tips or direct me to resources etc as I havent done this work myself in quite a while.
    many thanks
  2. have you contacted local schools to you who are also teaching ocr? that is always a good start, esp as they may be doing local fieldwork too which you could use.
    the suggested teaching resources on the www are a good resource to use for planning and pace.
    it can be a very dry topic so might be worth teaching it through other topics. if you know a number of them are going to be retaking f761/2 might be worth focussing on these topics, esp those most suitable for fieldwork (urban,rura, tourism, rivers & coasts).
    make sure you get hold of 1+ decent text books - collins series on fieldwork techiques is good.
    go on the training day ocr run (probably autumn)
    ideally the students need to go on a trip and although it's no longer coursework they do really need to have written it up as coursework because they may get asked to write about their conclusions in the exam - quite difficult to do without every having written up their results! let alone conclusions!
    if you're in the sw (bristol) you're more than welcome to visit this term!
  3. Thanks very much for the info.
    I have had a good mooch about and feeling much more confident now.

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