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OCR A-Level Results

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by LoveIT, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Hi all
    I've not seen any depth analysis into our A-level results, I only have a spreadsheet of results sent to me by the school, but at first glance it looks like our students have been hit massively by some OCR downgrading of results.
    We teach both A-level ICT and also the Applied A-levek Double Award. In the Applied course, one of our students who was on track for an AA has been awarded a BC for Year 12. And that's the highest grade out of every student in the 6th form who has studied an A-level ICT course!
    I'm going to go in tomorrow to see if any feedback has arrived from OCR, but has anyone else had anything similar??

  2. I did the OCR Applied ICT course and was absolutely hammered with regard to the grades.
    C became E, D became U etc. Having seen the moderators comments yesterday I was prepared for some minor tweaking of my marking but not this severe.
    I've requested that they are all remarked by OCR to see if a senior moderator agrees with the numpties who actually moderated my marking.
    I've taught the course for some time now and always take on board the comments made by the moderator and address them. I've been on the training course and I'd like to think that I know what I'm doing so this is all a bit of a disappointment for me and devastating for my students.
  3. I have had the same problem with 4 units being hit hard by moderation of marks, worst was unit 9 working to a brief where pupils lost 20% of marks. Like you, 3 of these unit were not moderated down last year so same teaching of content and assessment applied by same teacher and yet this year adjusted by -5.
    Last year we were hit harder with more units moderared down so we were extra careful not to "over mark" and yet still got hit. Like you I am very annoyed and I find it puts me in a very difficult position explaining to pupils and parents why pupils have been awarded a "D" when we had predicted "C". I also do not like how the UMS score is calculated (I doubled raw mark, eg..30 to 60 so predicted C) yet it has been done differently.
    What can be done about it, if anything? This is the first year that I have responsiblity for KS5 ICT and unsure of what I can do. I have been looking into doing a different course next year but having looked around it seems that feedback on other courses and exam boards are just as bad.
    That does not help this years results though and they are pretty bad!!
  4. Crowbob

    Crowbob Senior commenter

    if you understood the notion of raw mark-UMS you wouldn't have made this "mistake".
  5. I asked the Exam Officer to start the appeals process as soon as she came out of the hall after giving out the grades themselves. It was done online using OCR Interchange and appears to be straight forward enough. 2 sets of coursework have been returned to the school (Working to a Brief and Multimedia) with only the Website one still missing .(With the moderator I assume ).
    According to Interchange the process can take up to 40 days to complete, although grades affecting University offers can be processed quicker it claims.
    I shall make further posts as things develop.

    Baffled of Birmingham
  6. Add me to the baffled and very unhappy list.
    2 A2 units (IMP and Publishing) marked severely down by one moderator - G048 passed with flying colours by another. Still chasing up the whereabouts of the 2 downgraded units as I want to find precise evidence to contradict the moderator and take a photocopy of the portfolios.....all other coursework was returned "ages" ago.
    AS Units passed with flying colours. Exam results are the worst students have ever achieved.
    Have attended both AS and A2 courses each year, know the criteria, amplification and mods reports off by heart and have been teaching this for 6 years.
    Very unhappy doesn't even begin to cover it - at least my students all have their Uni places and I'm not the only person this has happened to.....
    2 Step
  7. I'm sure the list will grow as teachers start getting back into work.
    My Year 12 students will have no motivation to continue the course this year!
    As a department of experienced teachers in this course we are insulted by the outcome of this moderation. In fact, last year OCR wrote to one teacher in my department to ask permission to use one of his student's projects as exemplar work... This year it was adjusted down by 20%!
    Who are these moderators???
    The Exams Officer has requested our re-moderation this evening. I'm already planning my appeal.
  8. UPDATE!
    Re-moderation of coursework is underway. 3 of the 9 units have already come back with no change to the marks (on units which have been fine in the past).
    Currently weighing up whether it is worth going through the appeals process. I want to out of principal, but I just feel it'll be giving OCR more money to just laugh and tell us we've been unsuccessful.
    Anyone been through an appeal and had any joy?
  9. clickschool

    clickschool New commenter

    Experience from other teachers tell me you'd be better off resubmitting the coursework in the next assessment window as it is incredibly rare for remoderated work to be adjusted upwards. It can be adjusted downwards.
  10. Don't appeal - it's just not worth it.
  11. Have to agree with the above after finally got the work I'd asked to be re-moderated back. No change to the scores given previously unfortunately so much disapointment. I've booked myself onto another training course early in October and hope to ask pertinent questions there to understand how to play the game!
  12. <u>UPDATE 2</u>
    Four units returned in total now - One came back with (wait for it) an apology from OCR as some of the marks were re-adjusted back up again!
    As is usually the case, it's a bit random in that 3 have had their marks put up and two have stayed the same. But it's a start!
    Meeting with the Head today to decide whether to appeal the units which were not adjusted back up after re-moderation. I want to appeal out of principal - Fed up with being told my marking is fine one year and then no good the next! But not sure I want the expense and time involved in putting the case together. And I guess this is what OCR count on happening which is another reason why I want to press on!!

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