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OCR A Level Computing- good course??

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by spiderq, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. We are considering moving away from AQA Computing- can anyone recommend OCR? Have also looked at the WJEC spec but seemed a bit too much IT theory.
  2. We do OCR computing and I think it is a good course. The reasons are:
    • Clear specification that is easy to follow.
    • Well written and clear examination papers.
    • No coursework in year 12.
    • Nice open-ended project task for year 13.
  3. It looks much more straight-forward than AQA- what language do you use? I couldn't see a list of accepted ones on the syllabus-we would be using Java.
  4. Without wanting to engage in an argument with others, we use VB. The reason for this is that I felt that this had a more familar environment for them to use - especially for the ones who have not programmed before.
    I think that OCR are quite happy for a range of languages (including Java) to be used. I remember going to an OCR meeting where BASIC was mooted as a good way to teach them the concepts!

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