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OCR A-Level Chemistry

Discussion in 'Science' started by JIrving3, May 18, 2011.

  1. <font size="2">Hello all</font> James
  2. Its something I've been thinking about. I only changed to OCR last year from AQA and this was the first year that I've done OCR A2 and it seemed weird to be doing kinetics, equilibria, etc. after Christmas although transition metals, redox potentials and entropy are in the second AQA A2 module also.
    The main reason why I'm thinking of changing and doing F325 first is the weighting (150 UMs vs 90) - if the students do the Jan F325 paper you can get a better idea of their final grade, and if they do well and don't need to resit it takes some pressure off them.


  3. I haven't ever heard of anyone doing it this way round but it does sound like it could work well. My only thought would be that the organic chem in F324 follows on from F322 which students tend to struggle with. Those that re-sit F322 in January do seem to do better after studying F324. Nothing to stop the resit being taken in the summer though I guess.
  4. Yes our centre tried it that way one year and it did work very well, the grades were also higher
    by the end of the year. We also took note of what the examiners suggested and did find that doing the F324 module first tied in better with the course work and also meant the students had a better understanding of the question in the exam.
    It is worth a try.


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