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OCR A J512

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by superlocrian, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I'm a prospective student teacher (music) being held back by not having maths at C.
    I took exams this week to find they seemed more difficult than the 4 past papers I tested myself on. I got around 75-85 on the past papers but this year seemed tougher. Is this just me or are OCR making the exams more difficult?
  2. Every exam you sit, every exam a kid sits is harder than the ones you try sitting at home in a cosy environment. Thats the beauty of the 'pressure' of the exam as it flashes by
    When you look back objectively, 9 out of 10 times the papers are fair with the odd quirk. I havent seen the latest one but the J512 foundation is not the one I would pick if I needed a C grade and maths wasn't my chosen subject.
    If all doesnt go the way you hoped go for the edexcel 1380 linear foundation paper. About 1/4 is patronising. 1/2 can be answered by fairly logical humans and the last 1/4 is for those who studied or have retained any maths from year 7/8.
    You can sit this in May/June

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