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OCR A GCSE Geography 2016+

Discussion in 'Geography' started by Mr_Bird, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Mr_Bird

    Mr_Bird New commenter

    We currently study OCR A and I'm leaning towards carrying on after 2016. Is anyone else in a similar situation? Or is anyone currently following the OCR spec and thinking of leaving?
  2. We do Edexcel A (does anyone else on the planet do this spec?) We are also considering options post 2016 and will most likely change. I would be interested to hear why you think OCR A is a good bet.
  3. We currently do OCR A and are not overly satisfied with the current spec. However, we like the look of the new OCR A so I think we'll be staying with them.
  4. elsmart

    elsmart New commenter

    we have decided to change to OCR A from OCR B. I think i like the way the exam papers are divided into UK/Planet/skills and fieldwork.

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